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Sound Bite: Rita Ora, Lauren Jauregui, and Perfume Genius

Listen to our top five favorite new songs released this week

Being quarantined to your own home for the past week could have resulted in a few different outcomes. Maybe you’ve been super productive and cleaned your entire home, reorganized your beauty shelves, and started taking vitamins. Or maybe you’ve taken the time to indulge in some much-needed self-care using your best face masks paired with a glass of wine. Either way, music is a beautiful way to keep your spirits up during these chaotic and uncertain times. We’re loving a new song from pop songstress Rita Ora that is ironically called “How To Be Lonely.” Aren’t we all learning this lately?

Pop superstar Melanie C released a brand new single and music video that offers a reflective look on the singer’s career and personal journey. “Who I Am” shows a deeper side to the singer, while maintaining her pop-centric sound. With a new music video from FINNEAS, a banger from Perfume Genius, and a new must-listen track (and music video!) from Lauren Jauregui, our Sound Bite is complete.

Listen to all of our top five favorite new songs below.

1. “Who I Am” by Melanie C

The newest single from Melanie C is honest and bold, with particularly personal lyrics about how the singer has evolved over the years and is finally able to accept herself for who she is. The music video, directed by Sylvie Weber, showcases moments through Melanie C’s career from being a Spice Girl to today, offering a more self-reflective aesthetic. “‘Who I Am’ is a very personal and reflective song. It’s about how I’ve changed and developed through my life. The more courage I’ve found, the more I have been able to express myself and grow into the woman I now am,” Melanie C says of her new song.

2. “On The Floor” by Perfume Genius

The newest song and music video from Perfume Genius will be featured on his upcoming album, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, set for release on May 15. “On The Floor” is a bit trippy, with psychedelic and sensual vibes enhanced by the accompanying animalistic visual. Of the new song, Perfume Genius says, “A crush can really live on its own, separate from you and the person you are pining for. The fantasy feels like its own world, obsession can turn the person you are longing for in to a monument that has less and less to do with them and more to do with the idea of love itself and what it can do, what it can soothe or quiet or light on fire. I wanted to show that maddening, solitary part of desire but keep the core which is a real warmth and belief that you have something crucial to share with each other.”

3. “Let’s Fall in Love For The Night” by FINNEAS

The five-time Grammy Award-winning producer, songwriter, and musician, FINNEAS, has worked with a number of artists including his sister Billie Eilish, as well as Selena Gomez, and Halsey. His own music feels romantic and sweet, with soulful ballads and cinematic love songs. “Let’s Fall In Love For The Night” is the latest single from FINNEAS’ debut EP, Blood Harmony. The visual for the song shows the artist’s creativity and talent. Directed by Sam Bennett and choreographed by Monika Felice Smith, the music video was shot in one take and is seriously captivating.

4. “How To Be Lonely” by Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s powerful vocals soar through this new song. Written by Lewis Capaldi, the song has an empowered narrative that feels perfectly timed to recent events. With so many people across the globe dealing with isolation while being quarantined to their homes, learning to be on your own can be challenging. “This song is inspired by lots of different periods of my life; times where I’ve come to realize that we’re all valuable people, something we should cherish, and that while connections are important, we don’t ever need the approval of others. When you’re alone, remember that you are enough and that you have the strength to make your own choices. Enjoy being you,” Ora says of her new song.

5. “Lento” by Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui’s first solo single of 2020 is a vibrant, colorful, and spirited banger. Jauregui effortlessly croons in both Spanish and English on “Lento,” embracing her Cuban/Spanish and American roots. With a sultry vibe and mid-tempo groove, it feels like Jauregui has found her perfect pace on “Lento,” which translates to slowly. “I had planned to give you this first taste of what’s coming for sometime. There was truly no way any of us could have prepared for what is happening right now, so I hope you receive ‘Lento’ with as much grace and love as is intended,” Jauregui says of her new song.