Sound Bite: PUP, Carly Rae Jepsen and Between Friends

by Natasha Wolff | March 1, 2019 1:30 pm

After a mentally draining week, I think we could all use a little bit of ear candy. Whether you’re tuning in while on your commute home, exposing your friends to new music or curating a playlist for Saturday night, we got you covered. For the punk enthusiasts, Canadian rockers PUP[1] have unveiled the second single off their upcoming album. The song, “Free At Last,” was teased on social media for a while leading up to the release, creating a serious buzz among hardcore fans. In pure PUP fashion, the song will get you pumped. On the opposite end of the spectrum, new music from Carly Rae Jepsen has infiltrated the radio waves, shedding a bright new light on the reimagined “Call Me Maybe” singer.

The ever-raspy and rugged Matt Maeson[2] is giving us all the feels on his newest single, “Beggar’s Song,” and it is a welcomed flood of emotions. The intensity of Maeson’s creativity is unmatched on the song, offering listeners an intense rollercoaster of feelings. Similarly, singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding released a heart-wrenching single called “Flux.” Goulding’s haunting vocals soar through this poetic song, crying out about being in a “state of flux” and not being able to let go of a love.

With a new song and video from pop group Between Friends to top off this week’s Sound Bite, I think we have our weekend playlist. Listen to all five songs below.

1. “u can still come over” by Between Friends

The neon-tinged music video for “u can still come over” perfectly captures the dreamy glam vibe of Between Friends. The Los Angeles-based trio showcases their artistic spirit on their newest single by mixing electronic sounds with pop sensibilities. The lyrics of “u can still come over” offer honest insight into young love and heartbreak while the musicality of the song makes you want to groove, striking the perfect balance.

2. “Free At Last” by PUP[3]

PUP makes sure their fans are just as involved and committed to their music as they are (almost). Ahead of “Free At Last,” the band posted the unreleased song’s lyrics and a basic chord chart and asked people to try and cover it. Without ever hearing it. The compilation of clips is hilarious. The song itself, when performed by PUP, is a melodic punk anthem that we can’t get out of our heads.

3. “Beggar’s Song” by Matt Maeson[2]

Maeson announced that his upcoming debut album, Bank On The Funeral, will arrive on Friday, April 5. With this news comes the release of “Beggar’s Song,” a lyrical frenzy of intensity. The song features the delicate sounds of guitar, coupled with a sense of desperation in Maeson’s vocals as he gains self-approval by the end of the track. The video was shot entirely on 16mm film.

4. “No Drug Like Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen has reemerged as a bright and buzzy talent in the past years, starting with her 2015 release of E•MO•TION. Her newest pair of singles both offer glittery 80’s vibes, rich in retro pop sounds and playfully mature lyrics. “No Drug Like Me” is sultry and danceable, while showcasing Jepsen’s captivating vocals.

5. “Flux” by Ellie Goulding

Goulding’s breathy vocals and effortless elegance is powerful as ever on “Flux.” Written in a reflective state, Goulding says she drew inspiration from past relationships and stages in her life. She adds that the song captures how she felt about not being able to let go of a past love. “Flux” follows “Close To Me[4],” Goulding’s collab with Diplo.

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