Sound Bite: Phantogram, Yungblud, and MisterWives

by Natasha Wolff | October 11, 2019 12:30 pm

The weekend is nearly upon us and we are ready to turn on some good tunes and head to happy hour. Or perhaps you plan on partaking in a relaxing weekend with a good face mask, foot mask[1], hand mask, or all three! Either way, good tunes are necessary. This week we have a new song from singer-songwriter Harry Hudson[2], released via a joint partnership between Roc Nation and Willow and Jaden Smith’s MSFTS Music. Hudson is known for his sincere vocals and bold creative choices and on “Mean to Love” we feel it all. Pop-rockers MisterWives[3] have returned with two new tracks following the band’s 2017 Connect The Dots album. “The End” is a bright banger that reminds us of exactly why we fell in love with these artists back in 2014 when they released “Reflections.”

Yungblud[4], our beloved punk rocker with something to say, has released a track with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons. Yungblud is proving with every single song he releases that this Brit is a creative talent to be reckoned with, or not, because he is pretty intense. With a new song from electronic duo Phantogram[5] and the latest release from social media darling Baby Ariel[6], our weekend playlist is complete.

Check out all five songs below.

1. “Mean to Love” by Harry Hudson

This 26-year-old singer has never shied away from being an open book. His music is historically honest and visceral, inspired by Hudson’s real life experiences. “Mean to Love” is no exception, featuring pop sensibilities, R&B authenticity, and introspective lyrics. “I found myself running away from love because I didn’t feel worthy of it. I was literally being ‘mean’ to love itself and it affected my relationships,” Hudson says of the song’s inspiration.

2. “The End” by MisterWives[3]

The saccharine crescendo from frontwoman of MisterWives is captivating on “The End.” The band offers an energetic sound paired with the vulnerability of honest lyrics delivered in an authentic way. “The End” feels familiar and warm but also extends the talents of MisterWives in an impressive way.

3. “Original Me” by Yungblud feat. Dan Reynolds

The most epic collaboration. This track features Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons and the vibes are strong. “Original Me” offers an explosive sound paired with powerful vocals from both Yungblud[4] and Reynolds. There are some glimmers of early-day Twenty One Pilots slipped in there paired with the opinionated voice of Yungblud and the electricity of Imagine Dragons’ frontman.

4. “In A Spiral” by Phantogram[5]

This electronic duo is able to capture raw emotions and release them into the world in such a glittery and vibrant way. “In A Spiral” is the follow-up track to “Mister Impossible” and “Into Happiness”  and features a darker energy laced with clever lyrics. The song was recorded in Joshua Tree and Phantogram’s Josh Carter says of the track, “An inspired feeling of making music in the desert. Beauty in desolation.”

5. “Wildside” by Baby Ariel

This social media starlet has grown exponentially in the past few years. Baby Ariel[6] incorporated an interpolation of Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” in her newest single, creating depth to the track and showcasing the singer’s creative expression. The self-directed accompanying video is a perfect demonstration of Ariel’s vibrant artistry and sonic maturation.

Main photo credit: Eliot Lee Hazel

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