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Sound Bite: Camp Cope, Bishop Briggs and The Regrettes

This week we are all about women in music from beloved fem punk goddesses to sonic poets

Following the release of several festival lineups, one question remains: where are the women? While headliners like Eminem, Jack White and The Killers are plastered across summer festival bills, only a few women have managed to sneak their way into even the first several tiers of artists, leaving female powerhouses like Halsey and newcomer LPX to publicly express concern.

While rising male artists like Portugal. the Man and Post Malone seem to be making strides on the live music circuit, fans hoping to discover talented female-fronted bands at festivals may be left somewhat underwhelmed. But fear not! This week we were gifted some more kick-ass tracks and, it just so happens, our favorites were all helmed by women.

1. “Heavenly” by Pale Waves

With the final song off the Manchester band’s EP ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID, bewitching lead singer and guitarist Heather Baron-Gracie has us hooked. This pop-infused anthem is shimmering with a 1980s vibe and a lovable storyline. The up-and-coming band’s gothic style is endearing in contrast to the romantically optimistic lyrics on “Heavenly.”

2. “The Face of God” by Camp Cope

This trio of blunt, socially conscious women offers a voice for the unheard. Through their sharp tongues and gut-punching honesty, Camp Cope fights for equality and the power to tell the truth. On “The Face of God,” badass frontwoman Maq cries out, “I bet you didn’t even think of what you did. Could it be true? You don’t seem like that kind of guy,” a clear condemnation on sexual harassment accusations going unheeded. Stream their empowered EP How To Socialise & Make Friends now.

3. “Red Light” by The Regrettes

These punky teens are flaunting their adolescence throughout their recently released EP Attention Seeker. Led by a spritely 17-year-old Lydia Night, The Regrettes have a gritty pop attitude with a nostalgic sound on “Red Light.” You can catch these starlets making their way through the festival circuit this summer with stops at Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Firefly Music Festival and more.

4. “White Flag” by Bishop Briggs

Following massive hits like “River” and “Wild Horses,” singer Bishop Briggs has released a truly moody and inspiring banger. “White Flag” begins broodingly before Briggs ups the tempo and belts out, “I’d rather die than give up the fight.” Briggs is set to release her debut album April 20.

5. “Full Moon In Gemini” by Vagabon

During Laetitia Tamko’s Tiny Desk performance, the Cameroon-born artist debuted the magical track, “Full Moon In Gemini.” Given the song’s horoscopic themes, it was fitting that the recording happened to take place during the Leo lunar eclipse, which prompted Tamko to advise listeners to “watch themselves.” Following the playful warning, the songstress delivered hauntingly charismatic vocals paired with a bassist and keyboard, perfectly demonstrating her genuine talent. Watch the whole video but also skip to 3:00 for “Full Moon In Gemini.”

Main image credit: instagram.com