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Sound Bite: Matt and Kim, AJR and NONONO

Jam out to these top new releases and you’re sure to get amped for spring

Now that spring is peeking its head out from under the blanket that is winter, we’re getting into the spirit, vibing to some sweeter, more upbeat tracks from Matt and Kim, NONONO, Frank Turner and more. Our ear candy for the week will put a spring—and a maybe a little mischief—in your step, whether it’s Matt and Kim singing about confessing your love to someone, Rainbow Kitten Surprise belting about hiding one’s lover or AJR’s ode to empowerment through (metaphorical) destruction. As these songs attest to, sometimes doing something (good or bad) with others is the best feeling, so we suggest you listen to these songs with friends and lovers alike. It doesn’t matter, just listen to them.

1. “Happy If You’re Happy” by Matt and Kim

Our favorite punk rock duo Matt and Kim have returned to the airwaves after several months off the touring circuit due to Kim sustaining a traumatic knee injury. But the iconic duo is back and cuter than ever, with Matt taking to Facebook to profess his adoration for his bandmate and partner Kim. “Kim is the best thing that ever happened to me,” he says. “I’m sorry it took so long.” For such badass rockers, they can really melt our hearts.

2. “Blackout” by Frank Turner

The first single off Turner’s upcoming album Be More Kind, “Blackout” presents listeners with an unexpected sound. The British singer-songwriter says of the new song, “[“Blackout”] is new territory for me, musically – a song you could even play in a club, it’s about how we might collectively respond to social dislocation and collapse…” We’d blindly follow this sonic poet into any blackout.

3. “Friends” by NONONO

The Swedish trio have worked with Tove Lo, Madonna and supported Foster the People on tour. They’re most known for their platinum debut single “Pumpin Blood” but on “Friends,” they get a little more poetic and concentrate on message more than danceability. Though, we can’t lie, we would totally dance it out to this track.

4. “Burn the House Down” by AJR

This jazzy beat casts AJR in a new, more aggressive (and welcomed) light. The DIY indie-pop band is most known for their accessible hits “Weak” and “Sober,” but on “Burn the House Down,” the brothers are taking no prisoners. Bellowing, “I used to hang my head low, but now I hear it loud,” listeners will feel empowered to stand up for themselves and others.

5. “Hide” by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

The third track off the band’s debut album How to: Friend, Love, Freefall urges listeners to get off their feet and into the crowd. RKS blends their signature rowdy festival-esque beats with a raw storyline, shouting, “Hide your love. Don’t let it slip away.” With the band’s album due out April 6, this song is leading us to a path of heavy dancing and group sing-alongs.

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