Sound Bite: Kim Petras, Billy Raffoul, and Halsey

by Natasha Wolff | October 4, 2019 1:30 pm

Is anyone else feeling uneasy after this week? It feels like this week actually lasted for two weeks. While music can’t solve all your problems (or mine), it can serve as a supreme outlet for getting your frustrations out, it can help you feel less alone, or even allow you to forget your stresses for just a few minutes.

The emotions Halsey[1] has been pouring into her new music[2] lately has been refreshing and on her latest single “Clementine,” the 25-year-old singer shows listeners how expansive her musical repertoire really is. Electro-pop darling Kim Petras[3] released an entire album inspired by Halloween and her song “Everybody Dies” offers a unifying message while simultaneously showcasing the powerful pipes Petras has. New music from King Princess[4], Matt and Kim, and folk-rocker Billy Raffoul round out this week’s Sound Bite. From energetic bangers to more introspective tracks, this playlist should help you get over the week and through the weekend.

See below for all five songs.

1. “Hit the Back” by King Princess

The 20-year-old channels the soulful and jazzy sound of Billie Holiday at the start of this track before transitioning into a more electric, bass-thumping beat. King Princess[4] wrestles with her romantic lyrics and raw emotions in “Hit the Back” and she’s never sounded better. The track joins already-released bangers like “Ain’t Together[5]” and “Cheap Queen.”

2. “Clementine” by Halsey

In honor of her 25th birthday, Halsey[1] released a poetic and introspective song, accompanied by a music video featuring her brother Sevian. “Clementine” plays like spoken word and with it comes an unfiltered wash of emotions and struggle. The song can be heard playing softly through a listener’s headphones or echoing through Madison Square Garden.

3. “When We Were Young” by Billy Raffoul

A delicate singer-songwriter, Billy Raffoul sings from his heart strings while tugging on ours. We first fell in love with the smooth tone of this Ontario-born singer’s captivating vocals on “Forever” and on his newest release, “When We Were Young,” Raffoul captures nostalgia, regret, and love effortlessly.

4. “Everybody Dies” by Kim Petras

A Halloween-inspired collection of music? Yes, please. Budding pop diva Kim Petras[6] has had a stellar year from collaborating with Charli XCX[7] to announcing her upcoming North American The Clarity Tour. Her new project Turn Off The Light is creepy and unapologetic, serving as an ode to the month of October and Halloween, in particular. “Everybody Dies” is dark with glittery moments hidden around every corner. An empowering track, Kim Petras soars through the unifying lyrics of “Everybody Dies.”

5. “GO GO” by Matt and Kim

My favorite punk rock love bugs. Matt and Kim are notorious for bold beats, deep-cutting drum lines, and quick-lipped lyrics. After an impromptu injury Kim sustained, the duo are back and ready to embark on their GRAND 10 Year Celebration tour with some new music, of course. “GO GO” is energetic and catchy[8] while the music video showcases Matt and Kim’s talents through a clever lens. Think: mini Matt and Kim.


Main photo credit: Byron Spencer / Illustration: Lucas David

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