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Sound Bite: Matoma, Niall Horan, and Halsey

Discover our top five new songs from this week

New music can be invigorating and emotional, inciting feelings of regret, heartbreak, rebellion, and enthusiasm. We’ve basically found a song that delivers each of these emotions for this week’s Sound Bite. With a pulsating new banger from electronic producer Matoma, you’ll feel those coveted and intoxicating live show vibes. Halsey has revealed a softer, more vulnerable side to her artistry through a new song off her upcoming album Manic that we are sort of living for.

With a stripped back new single from Niall Horan, the release of Liam Payne’s debut album, and a politically-charged anthem from Pussy Riot, our Sound Bite is complete.

Prepare for all the feels with our five songs below.

1. “Put a Little Love On Me” by Niall Horan

The warmth and innocence of Niall Horan’s vocals are made for a more stripped back song. Horan exudes a romantic vibe, with his boyish charm and a guitar by his side. The singer’s newest single is sweet and simple, showcasing Horan’s talents without any distractions. The video features Horan playing a piano and serenading a woman. Needless to say, we are all imagining ourselves as that woman.

2. “Hangerz” by Pussy Riot feat. Vic Mensa and Junglepussy

Pussy Riot’s rebellious narrative rings clear through their latest single. With politically-charged lyrics referencing the band’s recent arrest and abortion laws, Pussy Riot is unapologetically unfiltered. If you weren’t ready to educate yourself on political issues before, you definitely will be after listening to “Hangerz.”

3. “Heart Meet Break” by Liam Payne

Liam Payne released his debut studio album LP1, a 17-track collection of music. Payne scored collaborations with the likes of Cheat Codes, Zedd, Quavo, and Rita Ora. While he collaborative songs showcase Payne’s electric side, with a focus on danceable bangers, his solo songs are seriously captivating. “Heart Meet Break” features pop sensibilities with R&B vibes laced throughout. There is a catchiness to this song that is juxtaposed by the desperation of Payne’s lyrics.

4. “Keep It Simple” by Matoma feat. Wilder Woods

Is it festival season yet? This anthemic banger will transport you to a bumping crowd at a pulsating show on a warm summer day. “Keep It Simple” feels like the last song of a set but you are going to stick around for an encore. The crisp vocals from Wilder Woods complement the hypnotic beat from Matoma.

5. “Finally // beautiful stranger” by Halsey

Audiences have seen many iterations of Halsey the artist, since her voice was propelled through our headphones back in 2014 with “Colors” and “New Americana.” Halsey has admittedly taken an extremist’s approach to stardom, transitioning from an indie darling to a powerhouse pop phenomenon. With Halsey’s latest single, we feel a unique balance between those identities. There is vulnerability in her vocals while maintaining their strength, and the lyrics read like an intimate poem, reminiscent of Halsey’s earlier work. We imagine that the minimalist style of this song could potentially be amplified for a bigger performance that Halsey is celebrated for.