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Sound Bite: Maggie Lindemann, Machine Gun Kelly, and Katy Perry

Discover our top five new favorite songs from this week

It is pretty impressive how Katy Perry managed to postpone the release of her sixth studio album, Smile, only to release it less than 24 hours after the birth of her first daughter. The artist’s timing is undeniably impeccable as far as garnering a little extra buzz goes, and getting to celebrate two debuts at once (welcome to the world, Daisy Dove!). The 12-track album shows that Perry has not lost her touch when it comes to creating pop bangers as well as more delicate tunes which is why we included “Only Love” in this week’s Sound Bite.

While we always stan a catchy, confetti-filled hit, we’ve taken this week’s playlist to broader horizons, musically. A new collaboration from Machine Gun Kelly and blackbear skirts the line between pop and punk and the newly released music video for the track is sort of epic. Electronic music duo Disclosure tapped both Kehlani and Syd to join them on their newest song “Birthday” while A$AP Ferg is accompanied by Lil Wayne and Jay Gwuapo on his latest release.

With a new song from Maggie Lindemann, who once starred in a campaign for Pat McGrath Labs and had her own exclusive PML makeup collection, our Sound Bite is complete.  See below for all five songs.

1. “No Ceilings” by A$AP Ferg feat. Lil Wayne and Jay Gwuapo

Starting with a bold cinematic energy, that light doesn’t flicker throughout this collaborative effort. Following A$AP Ferg’s hook that references Lil Wayne, Weezy’s verse feels like the climax of the track. Needless to say, the skater boy rapper does not disappoint.

2. “Birthday” by Disclosure feat. Kehlani and Syd

The crackling sound on “Birthday” gives us an immediate retro vibe that fully caters to the introduction of Kehlani’s smooth vocals. The track (watch song’s new music video below) is included on Disclosure’s newly released album Energy, alongside an immersive meta-verse within the video game Minecraft.

3. “Knife Under My Pillow” by Maggie Lindemann

The edgy new release from the “Pretty Girl” singer highlights Maggie Lindemann’s attitude and energy. “Knife Under My Pillow” is an adrenaline-infused song punctuated by Lindemann’s impressive ability to tell a story through her music.

4. “my ex’s best friend” by Machine Gun Kelly and blackbear

When do live shows start up again? We are ready to belt out this song’s chorus with Machine Gun Kelly. Plus, the punk prince rocks out on a car being towed by blackbear in the music video. You’re going to want to bump up the volume on this one.

5. “Only Love” by Katy Perry

An emotional outpouring from Katy Perry is exactly what we didn’t know we needed right now. Smile is laced with pop smashes like “Tucked” and “Champagne Problems” but “Only Love” stands out as a chilling piece of songwriting joined by catchy musicality.