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Sound Bite: Lana Del Rey, Matt Maeson and LANY

Take a closer listen to our top five favorite songs released this week

With New York Fashion Week behind us, city-goers are most likely looking to the weekend for a bit of an escape. From the influx of celebrities, models and Instagram influencers to the typically bizarre NYC weather, allow yourself to decompress this weekend… with our top five new songs!

British pop darlings Pale Waves have released their wildly anticipated debut album My Mind Makes Noises and on it, their latest single “One More Time.” The album as a whole showcases the band’s ability to reach a range of sounds while maintaining a consistent identity of their own. We slowed things down a bit with Lana Del Rey’s new “Mariners Apartment Complex” followed by the duet by Matt Maeson and Vérité. Sometimes a slower, more melancholic vibe is exactly what you need. With another single from LANY, we are fully intrigued by their upcoming album Malibu Nights.

For those of you not ready to turn down yet, there is a dance party hit included on this list, from Charlotte Lawrence. If you’re looking for a Saturday night banger, turn on her new single, “Stole Your Car.”

See below for our top five new favorite songs released this week.

1. “Tribulation” by Matt Maeson ft. Vérité

Reminiscent of Johnny Cash in the sense that Matt Maeson is a bit of a rebel. His voice is sweeter than Cash though, with a milky smooth delivery of his romantic lyrics on “Tribulation.” Coupled with the soulful sounds of Vérité, this song is a love song laced with heartbreak. Whispering, “I think I’m better on my own. But I’m just so obsessed with you,” the duo softly pulls on the listener’s heartstrings.

2. “One More Time” by Pale Waves

On the eve of their debut album’s release, the Britpop fantasies have released one final single. “One More Time” caters to the band’s inherent pop tendencies while gravitating a bit closer to the edge. Pale Waves has proven single after single that though you’ll always recognize a ‘Pale Waves’ song, the band has boundless creative freedom. With their long awaited debut album My Mind Makes Noises out now, the world can explore all sides of Pale Waves.

3. “Thick and Thin” by LANY

Okay, LANY’s upcoming album Malibu Nights is going to be dreamy and slightly sad. The follow-up single to “Thru These Tears” is “Thick and Thin,” taking us on a rollercoaster ride of personal anecdotes from Paul Jason Klein. “TAT” has a bright beat that captures your ear immediately. The lyrics tell the tale of seeing a break-up on the horizon, and that is the worst feeling. Told through the effortless vocals of Klein, the song is an elevated version of LANY.

4. “Stole Your Car” by Charlotte Lawrence

California sweetheart Charlotte Lawrence has been busy collaborating with the likes of Yungblud and being included on the soundtrack for 13 Reasons Why. Her newest release comes complete with snaps and a dance party. The track offers a spirited and energetic side of Lawrence, while maintaining her powerful range of vocality.

5. “Mariners Apartment Complex” by Lana Del Rey

It feels as though it’s been years since we had new music from Lana Del Rey, but Lust For Life was only released in 2017. The sultry songstress’s latest single is retro in musicality, and heavier in sing-talk lyrics than we’ve heard in the past. There’s no denying that this melancholic star is able to reveal emotional stories through saccharine songs.