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Sound Bite: Kim Petras, Diplo and Don Diablo

Take a listen to our top five new favorite songs released this week

With Fashion Week under way, the world feels more colorful, daring and alive. Which is why it makes sense that this week’s Sound Bite unintentionally favors electronic pop music. Whether you’re basking in the excitement of New York Fashion Week or just simply ready for the weekend, this soundtrack will get you pumped.

Diplo has released a new song that will be featured on his upcoming album, Europa. The epic DJ and producer tapped young talent Octavian for “New Shapes” and the track is (not surprisingly) a banger. Pop sensation Kim Petras released three singles this week, each with a unique sound while still featuring her distinct glittery vibe. “Homework” feels like a nostalgic love note to a past lover and honestly, it is so relatable. Another energetic banger comes from Don Diablo, with vocals by Kiiara. Diablo’s latest release, “You’re Not Alone,” will have you on your feet all weekend.

With new music from Bayonne and Galantis (featuring OneRepublic), this week’s Sound Bite is complete. See below for all five tracks.

1. “Homework” by Kim Petras ft. lil aaron

Songstress Kim Petras croons about a young lost love on “Homework.” She reminisces on sweet moments with a former lover that she admittedly won’t ever forget. The song has serious pop sensibilities but a more mature narrative than typically “pop” songs. Most fans of Petras will be able to savor the catchiness of this track, while recognizing the relatable storyline.

2. “New Shapes” by Diplo ft. Octavian

The latest track off of Diplo’s forthcoming album, Europa, was created with the help of BBC Sound of 2019 winner, Octavian. The song admittedly took longer than expected to create because Diplo simply couldn’t get Octavian in a room long enough. “Finally, he was stuck in L.A. for a while and it was easy to pull up on him. After a few weeks we nailed this song and I’m glad it gets to finally see the light of day,” Diplo says of the song. Europa is slated for a February 22 release on Mad Decent.

3. “You’re Not Alone” by Don Diablo ft. Kiiara

As soon as this song starts, you know something big is about to happen in just a few seconds. Don Diablo makes electric songs with heart-thumping beats and always features multi-talented vocalists. Kiiara is no exception to that last note. “You’re Not Alone” feels like the most epic festival track, with Diablo’s bold beats and the haunting vocals from Kiiara. You won’t be able to stop dancing along to this one this weekend.

4. “Same” by Bayonne

Bayonne is slated to release his new album Drastic Measures on February 22 on Mom+Pop Music. Bayonne’s newest song “Same” drips with the same poetic production value he flawlessly executes, but with more emotional lyrics. The track spotlights the frustrations that can come along with being an artist. From creative indecisiveness to procrastination, Beyonce admits his flaws in “Same.”

5. “Bones” by Galantis ft. OneRepublic

The electronic energy of Swedish duo Galantis is perfectly matched by the power of OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. Tedder’s piercing vocals punctuate the track’s beat and elevate it into a more mainstream realm. “Bones” offers a bright build-up and a dance-inducing tempo while the lyrics are sure to boost your mood just the same.

Main Photo Credit: Jackie Lee Young