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Sound Bite: Justin Bieber, Hailee Steinfeld, and Oh Wonder

Check out our top five new songs from this week

The first Friday of 2020 calls for a stellar playlist of music to officially welcome in the first weekend of the year. The holiday season can be a bit draining and with all of your cocktail parties and family gatherings behind you, let’s celebrate having an obligation-free weekend.

We have a new song from Justin Bieber that serves as the lead single off his upcoming fifth studio album that is sensual and catchy. The latest release from Hailee Steinfeld follows her featured track in the new Apple TV+ series Dickinson and showcases Steinfeld’s vocal range and her impressive emotional bandwidth. Singer Lauv is continuing to build out the track listing for his upcoming 21-track debut album with the release of “Changes.”

With a new song from alt-rockers Bombay Bicycle Club and British duo Oh Wonder, this week’s Sound Bite is complete. See below for all five songs we love right now.

1. “Changes” by Lauv

Lauv has been pumping out music for the last year and we have yet to have our fill. From his delicate lyrics to his strong vocal range, Lauv has delivered romantic hits like “Mean It” with LANY and upbeat-yet-sad bops with Anne-Marie. Of “Changes,” Lauv says, “I wrote ‘Changes’ about being at a point in my life where it just wasn’t working for me anymore. I wasn’t happy with myself, with the way I was living, and I felt like I needed to grow and evolve. It’s one of my most personal songs, and a massive favorite from the album.”

2. “I Can Hardly Speak” by Bombay Bicycle Club

Leading with a slower, pulsating pace, “I Can Hardly Speak” is a captivating song. The build up is gradual but Bombay Bicycle Club makes it worth it. A lyric-heavy song, you’ll most certainly want to give this one a second play.

3. “Yummy” by Justin Bieber

Biebs is back and his vibe is coming in hard. “Yummy” takes cues from The Weeknd, old school Usher, and a touch of ZAYN. This song is the first solo release from Bieber since 2016 and in that time he’s gotten married to Hailey Baldwin and stepped away from his younger rebellious tendencies. “Yummy” remains in Bieber’s commercial radio lane, while romancing his listeners with more R&B sounds and flirty vocals.

4. “Happy” by Oh Wonder

As the fourth track off Oh Wonder’s upcoming third album, “Happy” is a bright love song with a unique narrative. The duo has only recently started singing as a romantic couple, after years of speculation from fans. “Happy” shows the pair singing about past relationships and wishing the best for your ex with their new partner. Oh Wonder’s upcoming album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown is set for release on February 7.

5. “Wrong Direction” by Hailee Steinfeld

This emotional ballad is a more vulnerable sound for multi-talented Hailee Steinfeld. Compared to the singer’s past bangers such as “Love Myself” and “Let Me Go,” her new song “Wrong Direction” boasts much more honest and clearly heartbroken lyrics. With glimmers of Selena Gomez coming through, and rumors of the song’s context being inspired by Steinfeld’s past relationship with former One Direction-er Niall Horan, this track proves that we have yet to see all that Steinfeld is capable of.