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Sound Bite: Lizzo, Jon Bellion and Sofi Tukker

Take a listen to our top five new songs released this week

Spring has sprung and it is now raining. At least in New York City. And New Yorkers do really well when the weather does just about anything…

So, in lieu of sunshine and birds singing, we have curated a soulfully inspired yet dramatically depressing (for the rainy weather) playlist of new songs. From the punk rock poetry in PUP’s newest release to the glittery bursts of energy in Sofi Tukker’s latest, the week has delivered music for all audiences. The video for Jon Bellion’s latest song “Stupid Deep” offers viewers an abstract look at self-discovery, while utilizing visuals created by Bellion himself. Newcomer Honeyblood released “Glimmer,” the second track off of Stina Tweeddale’s upcoming third album, In Plain Sight.

Lastly, arguably one of the most epic collaborations of 2019 (so far), Lizzo teamed up with rap legend and label mate Missy Elliott for a new song: “Tempo.” Lizzo is gearing up to put out her debut album as well as perform at a list of festivals this summer including Coachella.

See below for all five of our favorite new tracks.

1. “Scorpion Hill” by PUP

“I’ve been having some pretty dark thoughts. I like them a lot.” Lyrics like this are what makes Canadian rockers PUP so captivating and truly authentic. The latest song off the band’s upcoming album Morbid Stuff, “Scorpion Hill” has a community-driven vibe before

2. “Stupid Deep” by Jon Bellion

This quick-witted artist recently released his sophomore album, Glory Sound Prep, which features his current single, “Stupid Deep.” The song is refreshing and sweet, while tinged with nostalgia and moments of regret, allowing Bellion to tell a story of self-reflection. The video includes visual effects created by Bellion and was directed by Daniel Brown (ODESZA, Portugal. The Man).

3. “Fantasy” by Sofi Tukker

This duo is transporting listeners and fans and strangers to a dreamy Fantasia-esque escape. The electro-pop duo’s newest song and video is crisp and bright with a heart-thumping beat throughout that will be sure to get you excited. The video is colorful and explorative, allowing Sofi Tukker to showcase their creative vibes even more than they already have in the past.

4. “Glimmer” by Honeyblood

This song has retro musical vibes coupled with bold, feminist lyrical sensibilities. Honeyblood’s singer-songwriter Stina Tweeddale says the song is “about the wonders of women. They can be alluring and kind but also strong and badass so you better not double-cross them.” There is a grit to Tweeddale’s vocals that makes you want to visit one of those dimly lit dive bars in New York’s Lower East Side, especially if it is raining out.

5. “Tempo” by Lizzo feat. Missy Elliott

Following the release of Lizzo’s first single off her upcoming debut album, “Cuz I Love You,” the superstar teamed up with Missy Elliott for “Tempo” and it is a sharp-tongued banger. Lizzo’s attitude is perfectly paralleled by Missy Elliott’s personality. Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You Tour is already sold out and kicks off on April 22.