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Sound Bite: Jeff Rosenstock, Foxes, and Sia

Listen to our top five favorite new songs released this week

Ah, Friday at last. We made it through another week and have been rewarded with a whole slew of new music. Take this playlist into your weekend to amp up your socially distanced Memorial Day barbecue, liven up your next Zoom happy hour, or to just blast through your favorite headphones.

The 1975 released their highly anticipated album, Notes On A Conditional Form. Yes, it has arrived. With 22 songs, the sort of exhausting album is a doozy but we chose one we really love. A new surprise album from Jeff Rosenstock has us revved up and really missing live concerts. Rosenstock has an unwavering spirit that is usually perfectly complemented by sweaty mosh pits and sweaty fans trying to keep up with the quick-tongued artist. Until live shows return, we will have NO DREAM playing on repeat at home.

With new songs from Sia, Foxes, and Jesse McCartney, our Sound Bite is complete. See below for all five songs.

1. “Playing On My Mind” by The 1975

The 1975’s latest album, Notes On A Conditional Form, is finally here. With 22 songs, the album spans all landscapes of music, from electronic to soft pop to indescribable. Track 17, “Playing On My Mind,” showcases frontman Matty Healy’s saccharine vocals and more ethereal vibe. The song is lyric-heavy, making it reminiscent of an older The 1975, but straying away from typical pop tendencies.

2. “Friends” by Jesse McCartney

The “Beautiful Soul” singer’s latest single “Friends” is an easy summertime bop that is perfect for quarantined listening. “I think ‘Friends’ comes at a time when we all realize what’s most important. With the future looking uncertain, it’s nice to have friends to lean on for moral support,” McCartney says. “I know I speak for everyone when I say we’re all looking forward to getting back to our routines and seeing our loved ones face to face again!”

3. “Love Not Loving You” by Foxes

The UK singer-songwriter Foxes has released her first new single since her 2016 album, All I Need. “Love Not Loving You” is a beautifully glittery pop song, feeling like a mix between Betty Who, HAIM, and Robyn. The music video was shot while at home during quarantine under the direction of Rauri Cantelo.

4. “Together” by Sia

Multi-talented artist Sia has gifted us with a new single, “Together,” from her forthcoming album and motion picture, both titled Music. The music video for the song “Together” serves as a glimpse into Sia’s upcoming directorial debut that is slated to star Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., and Maddie Ziegler. Written by Sia and long-time collaborator Jack Antonoff, “Together” is a beautiful song about coming together to build something bigger than imaginable.

5. “Scram!” by Jeff Rosenstock

Who doesn’t love waking up to a surprise album from Jeff Rosenstock? NO DREAM is the follow up album to Rosenstock’s 2018 album POST- and the entire thing is a much needed punk rock paradise. “Scram!” is a guitar-heavy banger with a catchy hook and insane lyrics such as, go kick rocks and die. The psychedelic album artwork caters to Rosenstock’s DIY tendencies, and was created by illustrator Ben Levin. NO DREAM is available for free download and Rosenstock is encouraging fans to donate to Food Not Bombs.