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Sound Bite: Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, and Loren Gray

Discover our top five favorite new songs released this week

Stop what you’re doing. Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album. Folklore is a 16-track album that demonstrates Swift’s stunning singer-songwriter expertise. Her beautiful vocals soar throughout the album backed by calm music to allow her stories shine. We chose one song in particular to highlight from Folklore and it leaves listeners with some unanswered questions. We will allow you to interpret the song how you’d like.

Other new songs released this week include a sensual dance floor banger from Jason Derulo. Trust us, you’ll be seeing plenty of dance videos on TikTok featuring this track. With a new song from Loren Gray, the latest single from Maroon 5, and a dramatic new music video from The Veronicas, this week’s Sound Bite is complete. See below for all five songs.

1. “Alone” by Loren Gray

Artist Loren Gray released her second song recorded at home during quarantine. “Alone” is a buzzy pop song with a romantic narrative. “‘Alone’ is the first love song I’ve ever written,” says Loren Gray. “I’m so happy it’s out in the world and I hope my fans aka my angels love ‘Alone’ as much as I do.”

2. “Biting My Tongue” by The Veronicas

The new music video from The Veronicas is more like a dramatic short film than a typical music video. Written and directed by the Australian duo, the visual accompaniment for “Biting My Tongue” is a captivating showing of romance, heartbreak, and drama.

3. “Take You Dancing” by Jason Derulo

If you have been following Jason Derulo on TikTok you know he is killing it. The multi-hyphenate talent just released his newest single and paired it with a TikTok dance video. From the lyrics o “Let Me Take You Dancing” to Derulo’s moves in the video, the song is provocative and sensual. We are fully prepared to see the viral TikTok videos made with this track.

4. “Nobody’s Love” by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 may have released a new song as a band but the music video for “Nobody’s Love” was shot with Adam Levine alone. In order to preserve the health and safety of the band, this was the only option that made sense. Directed by David Dobkin, the music video showcases a tight, up-close shot of Levine rocking yet another new hairstyle (or, lack of hair) and a table adorned with relaxing paraphernalia.

5. “betty” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s surprise album has a very different aesthetic from the singer’s last album, Lover. Folklore was recorded with Aaron and Bryce Dessner and of course, Swift’s go-to musical collaborator, Jack Antonoff. Of the 16 songs released, “betty” seems to be met with the most question marks. Whether the song is about Swift’s sexuality or sexuality in general, we are here for it. Sung from the perspective of a 17-year-old character named “James,” this story of experimenting, loving, and apologizing feels so real and honest.