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Sound Bite: Hayley Kiyoko, Charlotte Lawrence, and Emarosa

Take a listen to our top five new songs released this week

The holiday season is nearly upon us and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is already back in Billboard’s Top 100 chart, making it the earliest in the year it has ever re-entered the chart. But to be honest, we are not quite ready for Mariah’s pipes. So, let’s turn up the volume on a few new tracks. Sibling trio HAIM are on a beautiful path of releasing new songs every month or so. Following “Now I’m In It” comes “Hallelujah,” and each of the women of HAIM released a statement about what the song means specifically to them through social media, offering a range of interpretations ahead of listening.

The most captivating goth-infused pop star Charlotte Lawrence has returned with a new song laced with… clever lyrics. Singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko has never shied away from vocalizing her feelings through her songs, and her new banger “L.O.V.E. Me” is no exception. The song is the newest to join Kiyoko’s I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit body of work. Kiyoko was honored with the “Youth Innovator Award” at The Trevor Project’s TrevorLIVE Los Angeles Gala the day after her new song was released.

With new music from New York native Sheare, rockers Emarosa, and singer Charlotte Lawrence, our Sound Bite is complete. Take a listen to all five songs below.

1. “Hallelujah” by HAIM

The ladies of HAIM have fully tapped into their most authentic sound yet with the past two song releases. “Now I’m In It” was relatable in a cringe-worthy way and now their latest single, “Hallelujah,” has us actually on our knees. The song is an ode to many relationships with loved ones past, themselves, and each other. “We’ve always wanted to write a song about our bond as sisters,” Danielle Haim says of the track. The song’s music video was directed by longtime collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson.

2. “L.O.V.E. Me” by Hayley Kiyoko

Singer-songwriter and all around boundary breaker Hayley Kiyoko released this new song ahead of her nationwide tour. “L.O.V.E. Me” is a captivating anthem about falling in love and facing the challenge of wanting to show the world your romance while simultaneously wanting to keep some things safe and precious. “I hope this song brings some relatability to anyone who is craving that declaration of love,” Kiyoko says of the track.

3. “Ny” by Sheare

Singer-songwriter Sheare has been taking listeners for an impressive ride throughout 2019 with single after single. The New York City native recently released his latest song and while it is not about one of his past romantic relationships ending, it also kind of is. Sheare relocated to Los Angeles and realized that moving away from New York felt surprisingly similar to how a relationship ending feels. “Ny” offers those same sentiments of romanticizing people and loving them for who they were, but not for who they are.

4. “Ready to Love” by Emarosa

The latest single from Emarosa following the release of their album Peach Club is infectious and sort of glorious. “Ready to Love” comes with bright synths and powerful bass riffs, but more than that, the song offers a narrative that listeners can absolutely relate to. Frontman Bradley Walden told Billboard that the song is about “that bite that’s too hot. You know it’ll hurt, you know it’s not ready, but it takes the pain to learn your lesson.” Yes, you are allowed to admit it if you’ve been in that position, figuratively or literally.

5. “God Must Be Doing Cocaine” by Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence is currently on her headlining Navy Blue Tour and with a surge of successful shows, it was only right that she offer more music. Following her single “Navy Blue,” Lawrence released “God Must Be Doing Cocaine” and she has fully convinced us that this young singer-songwriter is here to stay. Lawrence offers a more delicate sound allowing more of a focus on her powerful vocals. The song shows the depth that Lawrence possesses as an artist.