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Sound Bite: Harry Hudson, Alessia Cara, and Kosine

Listen to our top five new favorite songs from this week

The sun is out, our shorts and swimsuits have emerged from the bottom of our wardrobe, and alas, summer is here and we are here for it. While the world is shifting dramatically every single day, and your usual summertime plans of beach, bar, and beach again might look more like, protest, create new signs, and protest again, you should still have good music as your summer soundtrack. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite new songs this week featuring sweet and savory ear candy from Honne, a captivating new track from Harry Hudson who, as an ambassador for Teen Cancer America, will continue working with the organization to promote June as National Cancer Survivors Month, as well as a new song from singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell.

With the latest song from Kosine, featuring Idris Elba, and a remixed version of Alessia Cara’s song “I Choose,” featured in Netflix’s The Willoughby’s, this week’s Sound Bite is complete. See below for all five new songs.

1. “No Song Without You” by Honne

The first single from the duo Honne since their 2018 album Love Me/Love Me Not is a patient love song with emotional beats and purposeful lyrics. “No Song Without You” comes with an animated music video that will be sure to warm the coldest of hearts.

2. “Burn” by AJ Mitchell

“Burn” is an indirect reaction from singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell to the current political climate and what has been going on in our world. “After witnessing the past few weeks and the events happening across the world, I wasn’t sure it would be appropriate to release anything right now. Though ‘Burn’ wasn’t written about the current events directly, the sentiment of using my voice, my music, and my platform to push for change is so important to me,” Mitchell says.

3. “Kings” by Kosine feat. Idris Elba

Okay fine this song wasn’t released this week but, it did reach #1 on the Spotify US Viral 50 this week, so we figured it counts. Grammy-nominated producer and multi-talented artist Kosine teamed up with Idris Elba in early May for “Kings” and over the past month, the song has grown to resonate more and more every single day. The poignant lyrics and smooth R&B vibes have this song on repeat for us.

4. “Intimidating” by Harry Hudson

The cinematic new single from Harry Hudson is hypnotic to say the least, with a dark and buzzy sound laced with Hudson’s romantic vibes. Hudson released “Intimidating” and throughout the month of June, National Cancer Survivors Month, will be continuing to spread awareness about the intimidating experience of surviving cancer.

5. “I Choose” by Alessia Cara (Frank Walker remix)

Alessia Cara made her acting debut in Netflix’s The Willoughby’s as the voice of Jane. The film’s lead song, “I Choose” was co-written and recorded by Cara and now, remixed by Frank Walker. Walker’s version of the song is pulsating and soaring–the most ideal summertime jam.