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Sound Bite: HAIM, Goody Grace, and Boy In Space

Listen to our top five favorite new songs released this week

This week we are really feeling inspired by the new music that has been released. It can be challenging for an artist to be able to tap into their more vulnerable emotions and offer those sentiments to the world and we see exactly that on HAIM’s latest single. “Now I’m In It” dives into the chaotic feelings that human beings go through every single day, whether they want you to know or not. The band’s Instagram account recently posted a still from the song’s music video and explained the message in such a poetic and humanizing manner while urging listeners to take care of their mental health.

On another note, Goody Grace released a new song with punk rock legends, Blink-182. “Scumbag” is exactly the punk rock anthem you expect to hear from a song featuring Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, but with Grace’s delicate sound laced throughout. With new songs from Sheppard, Boy In Space, and G. Love, this week’s Sound Bite is complete.

Listen to all five songs below.

1. “Die Young” by Sheppard

Australian pop group Sheppard first got stuck in our heads with their hit “Geronimo.” The band released “Kiss My Fat Ass” earlier this summer as a part of Amy Sheppard’s body positivity campaign. Their latest single “Die Young” is empowering and bright, with a cinematic musicality to it that just makes you want to jump. With a pulsating chorus, this song is a confirmation that Sheppard is here for a good time and you should be, too.

2. “Scumbag” by Goody Grace feat. Blink-182

The young singer-songwriter Goody Grace has collaborated with an impressive roster of artists including G-Eazy and Jesse Rutherford of The Neighborhood. Grace’s newest single features Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker of Blink-182 and shows off Grace’s masterful songwriting skills while integrating a powerful Blink musicality. “Scumbag” feels youthful and anthemic, boasting a signature Travis Barker drum beat and stellar vocals from Mark Hoppus.

3. “On A Prayer” by Boy In Space feat. SHY Martin

Swedish artist Boy In Space (Robin Lundbäck) channels his most romantic persona yet on his newest release. With featured vocals from SHY Martin, “On A Prayer” is captivating and intimate. There is a feeling of heartbreak throughout the song while the music is buzzy and energetic. Boy In Space is preparing to perform in the United States for the first time this December in New York and Los Angeles.

4. “Now I’m In It” by HAIM

The latest single from HAIM is the perfect blend of glittery pop sensibilities and emotional lyrics. “Now I’m In It” offers an inside look at the spiraling sensation that can accompany depression while maintaining HAIM’s catchy sound. Danielle Haim spoke of the track’s message saying, “People think ‘Now I’m in It’ is a break-up song because I sing: ‘We can’t be friends’ but I’m talking about me and my mind.”

5. “The Juice” by G. Love feat. Marcus King

The title track off G. Love’s upcoming album is a unique reaction to the current political climate in the United States. G. Love said of “The Juice,” “I wrote this song as a personal knee jerk reaction to the frustration I feel towards the policies which the current right wing administration is pushing forward. I also wanted to give strength, support, empathy and energy to the protest kids and activists who are in the trenches fighting to uphold liberal progress.”