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Sound Bite: Forecastle Festival 2019

Check out our top five artists you won’t to miss at this Louisville music festival

If you’re heading to Louisville, Kentucky for the annual Forecastle Festival, you probably already have your sunscreen, belt bags, bandanas, and sunglasses packed and ready to go (most likely still packed from the last festival you road-tripped to). But, what you might not have locked down is your day-by-day schedule. This year’s lineup effortlessly stretches from The Killers to The Avett Brothers, but for the festival-goers attending, a bit of planning and scheduling is necessary prior to arriving in Louisville. With four stages and dozens of activations throughout the grounds, this bourbon-soaked festival offers a ton of entertainment. We have rounded up our top five daytime performers you won’t want to miss during your time at Forecastle Festival this year (July 12 – 14).

1. Judah & the Lion on Friday 7/12

These guys make music that is fated for music festivals. Their bright sound that encourages all the jumping and dancing is rivaled only by the vulnerability that is laced throughout the band’s lyrics. On their latest album, Pep Talks, the guys found themselves in a world of emotion and translated that into music, creating their most honest collection of sounds yet. You can bet that Judah & the Lion‘s set at Forecastle will be epic and probably a little cathartic.

2. Chelsea Cutler on Saturday 7/13

This young singer released a track with Kygo earlier in the summer and with it came a newfound strength in Cutler’s performance style. For the past few years, Cutler has been working with longtime friend Jeremy Zucker on collaborative EPs and singles. Her infectious pop vocals are authentic and have always resonated with listeners but since her collab with Kygo, it is clear that Cutler is spreading her wings and expanding her musical repertoire.

3. Yungblud on Sunday 7/14

Punk rocker and voice of his generation, Yungblud offers an unapologetic attitude and some serious pipes. The young British singer is a fire ball of energy on and off stage, but his music has become so important for his fans because of his honesty. Singing about change and his opinions on the world has made him an artist that young listeners look up to. A live Yungblud performance will undoubtedly involve some moshing, dancing, yelling, and everything in between.

4. Whethan on Sunday 7/14

A Chicago native, this 20-year-old DJ and music producer creates electronic dance music and regularly collaborates with a number of different vocalists. From Ashe to Dua Lipa, Whethan is a creative force no matter who he works with. Since touring with The Chainsmokers in the early days of his career, Whethan has learned how to put on an unforgettable performance.

5. Johnnyswim on Sunday 7/14

Folk-pop husband-and-wife duo Johnnyswim have been performing together for years, and it shows. Their on-stage chemistry is undeniable. They offer cheeky banter, emotional ballads, bright sing-alongs, and much more. With a new album, Moonlight, out now, the pair are prepared to deliver a new kind of live show.