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Sound Bite: FLETCHER, OK Go, and X Ambassadors

Discover our top five new favorite songs released this week

With social distancing still in full effect, what else do we have to do but remain quarantined with an at-home happy hour and a tasty playlist playing in the background? The weekends might feel as though they are bleeding into the work week lately but we have the perfect weekend soundtrack for you.

With communities across the country enduring isolation during quarantine, OK Go found inspiration in the solitude. The band’s new single “All Together Now” is an homage to the nightly cheers in their hometown of Los Angeles dedicated to frontline workers. We’re loving the new banger from pop songstress FLETCHER that is accompanied by a sensual music video directed by the singer herself. With new music from X Ambassadors, PREP, and Flyte, our Sound Bite is complete.

So, turn your speakers up and enjoy this weekend’s playlist. See below for all five new songs.

1. “All Together Now” by OK Go

The newest song from the band that made treadmills iconic is one formed around unity and support. OK Go has been sheltering-in-place in Los Angeles for the past several weeks and were inspired by the nightly cheers in their neighborhood. “All Together Now” is a love letter to frontline workers, essential workers, neighbors, loved ones, family, and friends, all working to combat the spread of COVID-19. Profits from the song’s downloads will be donated to Partners in Health.

2. “Pictures of You” by PREP

This groovy summertime jam is exactly what we need right now. “Pictures of You” feels a bit like a Foster the People record mixed with funky retro vibes and nostalgic lyrics. “[The song is about] the person you keep thinking about but can’t be with, and the frustrations of trying to connect with them from a distance,” says PREP’s Tom Havelock. PREP’s debut album is slated for release later this year.

3. “Zen” by X Ambassadors with K.Flay and grandson

“Zen” is the latest release from X Ambassadors and it is safe to say, we can all relate to the song’s narrative. The band tapped K.Flay and grandson to contribute additional vocals for the song and the result is a masterful punk rock jam. The song’s powerful lyric, someone gimme fucking zen, feels desperate and real during these chaotic and stressful times. This is a song you listen to loudly.

4. “Bitter” by FLETCHER with Kito

The latest single from FLETCHER was produced during quarantine over FaceTime and is a powerful collaboration between FLETCHER and producer Kito. “Bitter” is honest and raw, while the music video, directed by FLETCHER, is a sensual visual that will stimulate all the senses. This song is less glittery pop than the singer’s hits like “Undrunk” but just as poignant and vulnerable. There is a darker vibe to “Bitter” that we’re here for.

5. “Easy Tiger” by Flyte

UK-based band Flyte released their first song since their 2019 EP, White Rose, and it is a heartbreaker. “Easy Tiger” is an emotional whirlwind in all the best ways. The single’s music video was created using hand-processed and physically edited film, creating a vintage and worn quality to the visual.