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Sound Bite: Fletcher, Billie Eilish and Ally Brooke

Tune in to our top five favorite new songs from this week

You know what makes for a really great weekend? Being with friends, listening to music, maybe eating some tasty snacks, and staying inside. So, we suggest you get your Marshall speaker charged up, plugged in, Bluetooth enabled or just tell Alexa to wake up, and prepare for a weekend spent inside. Because it is going to be cold. At least in New York. And Chicago.

The music we’ve rounded up for this week’s Sound Bite will warm you up in no time. The new track from electronic producers Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland already has us whipping out our face mist and sunscreen because the jam is completely festival-approved. The biggest hype from the week surrounds former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke and her debut solo single. The video for “Low Key” shows off her powerful dance moves and the song itself is pretty catchy.

With new music from indie-pop crooner Sheare, female warrior songstress Fletcher, and a new track from badass teen sensation Billie Eilish, our weekend’s soundtrack is looking pretty good.

See below for our top five new songs from this week.

1. “Bury a Friend” by Billie Eilish

Dark, poetic and captivating. The lyrics that flow out of this teen on her latest single “Bury a Friend” ignite a new chapter for Eilish. Her debut album’s title appears to be taken from this song’s words: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, due out March 29. The artistry in Eilish’s haunting vocals coupled with the boldly eclectic production have this song stuck on repeat. Needless to say, March 29 can’t come any sooner.

2. “Lost My Mind” by Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland

Coupled with the announcement of their joint world tour, this dynamic electronic duo released a thumping party bop to get you really amped. With highs and lows, this track offers bold build ups leading to bright moments of release. We are imagining a lot of pyro and lights in this duo’s future.

3. “SIDEXSIDE” by Sheare

The teasers on social media have been leading up to Sheare’s latest single release. The “Tidal Wave” artist has never shied away from showcasing his heartbreak or regret and “SIDEXSIDE” is no exception. This New Yorker at heart has opened up once again and is offering listeners an inside look at the demise of a relationship. The pop vibes are a glittery contrast to the song’s melancholy story being told.

4. “Low Key” by Ally Brooke ft. Tyga

The former Fifth Harmony member is ready to show the world who she is without a group of girls around her. Ally Brooke’s debut solo single is fiery and sultry with some poignant lyrics, given her past artistic endeavors. Singing, “Low key, you should really get to know me,” Brooke urges listeners to see what she’s made of as a star on her own. From the song’s glamorous video to Brooke’s striking dance moves, we’re sold. We want to get to know this songstress.

5. “Undrunk” by Fletcher

This native Jersey girl has carved a space out for herself in the anthemic female-empowered banger realm of music. And with the release of the title track off her debut album, Fletcher has charmed listeners again. “Undrunk” is a love letter to past loves. The lyrical frenzy she spews is emotionally charged and tells a story of heartbreak that inspires a sing-along vibe. Or yell-along, because this track is a jam.