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Sound Bite: Ellie Goulding, Pink Martini, and Haim

Listen to our top five favorite new song releases

A long holiday weekend means you have more time to relax, enjoy the warm weather, and catch up on some new music. We have featured five superb songs in this week’s Sound Bite for your listening pleasure. From a melodic bop courtesy of indie pop band MisterWives to a sweet collaboration between Ellie Goulding and Lauv, we’ve got your weekend playlist mapped out.

With a new song from Arkansas rapper Cee Kay, an entire album from the ladies of Haim, and a new track from Pink Martini, this week’s Sound Bite is complete. See all five songs below.

1. “Mona Lisa” by Cee Kay

A Pine Bluff, Arkansas native, rapper Cee Kay has been surrounded by violence and sadness for his entire life. After going to jail at the age of 17, the artist decided to save himself from going down the wrong path. His passion and soul is clear throughout his music, including his latest single, “Mona Lisa.”

2. “Slow Grenade” by Ellie Goulding feat. Lauv

The newest collaborative effort from singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding features vocals from Lauv. “Slow Grenade” is a powerful song that showcases both artist’s strengths perfectly. The song was released alongside Goulding’s announcement of her upcoming two-part album, Brightest Blue and EG.O.

3. “Decide to be Happy” by MisterWives

Honestly, this new song and video from MisterWives can truly speak for themselves. But, the band’s frontwoman Mandy Lee flawlessly commented on the song saying, “Happiness is not a destination. It is fleeting. It comes and goes as it pleases, rarely arriving organically. I find you have to seek it out and make the conscious decision to be “happy,” and by happy I really mean taking care of yourself, your mind, your heart, your body. In my experience, it’s much easier to let my depression, anxiety, and fear take over. Getting out of the heavy mindset that often feels like I’m imprisoned in my own body is incredibly difficult, but taking tiny steps towards what brings a sense of peace or changes my brain chemistry is what I strive to achieve most days. Writing this song was me acknowledging that choice, and I hope it reminds you that you have that power within yourself as well. ESPECIALLY during this upside-down time of a pandemic, abhorrent racism, police brutality and a President who is doing nothing to help any of these pressing issues, all while being isolated at home. Be kind to your mind a little extra today, tomorrow and all the days that follow and arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.”

4. “Let’s Be Friends” by Pink Martini

Pink Martini’s dynamic duo, Thomas Lauderdale and China Forbes, went in a unique direction for their newest song. Of the boppy and playful track, Forbes say, “‘Let’s be Friends’ is the first song Thomas and I wrote with writer/producer Jim Bianco; we challenged ourselves to write an old-fashioned song that was NOT about love. We tried to make a song about friendship and all the ways friends can complement each other, but in the end it still has an undercurrent of romance because, well, that’s unavoidable!”

5. “Don’t Wanna” by Haim

Haim released their long-awaited third album, Women In Music Pt. III, and almost immediately the album saw massive success. The sixth single released from the album was “Don’t Wanna” and now, we have been gifted a glorious visual accompaniment to the song. Basically, enjoy the women of Haim running through the parking lot of The Forum in Los Angeles for the next few minutes.