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Sound Bite: Ella Mai, Lukas Graham, and Des Rocs

Discover our top five new favorite songs released this week

Let’s jump right into the weekend with a few new songs and music videos. We have some slowed down tunes that will cater to a calm Friday night, as well as a couple of bangers to amp up the vibe. The newest song from singer-songwriter Ella Mai is a soulful love song that will certainly set the mood if you’re looking for a romantic night in. The collaboration from Lukas Graham and G-Eazy is not necessarily new, but the music video sure is, and is an anthemic way to start any evening.

We have an acoustic track from singer Charlotte Lawrence, a rocking bop from Des Rocs, and a truly relatable single from producer Elohim. See below for all five tracks in this week’s Sound Bite.

1. “Slow Motion” by Charlotte Lawrence

This acoustic version of her song “Slow Motion” is patient and heart wrenching—in the best ways. Lawrence showcases her delicately powerful vocals through this ethereal performance. The song was composed and arranged by celebrated writer and producer Johan Lenox.

2. “Good Day Bad Day” by Elohim

We have to celebrate good days and Elohim fully supports that outlook on her new song. Of “Good Day Bad Day,” Elohim says, “To be honest, it seems like the good days have been too few and far between lately…but deep in my heart I know a good day is there running beside us in a parallel universe, and I wrote this song to help remind me that nothing is permanent and anything can happen.”

3. “This Is Our Life” by Des Rocs

Native New Yorker Des Rocs offers a dark energy on his latest single. The explosive chorus is the ideal release for any rocker at heart. Des Rocs says, “‘This is Our Life’ is a reflection of the now, it’s a piece of art dedicated to the proposition that our greatest tragedies can lead to our greatest strengths, and that sure as hell has been true for me.”

4. “Share That Love” by Lukas Graham feat. G-Eazy

Lukas Graham’s newest single was released in late August and is a sweet anthem laced with all the sing-along vibes the artist is celebrated for. The featured verse from rapper G-Eazy felt like an unexpected collaboration at first but the rapper offers his Bonnie & Clyde aesthetic and it totally works. Below, the two teamed up for the song’s music video.

5. “Not Another Love Song” by Ella Mai

The “Boo’d Up” singer found her sweet spot in a smooth, sultry sound. Her latest single is in fact a love song, and as Mai says, “I love the way you do it,” we also love the way she did it. Look out for her subtle ode to “Boo’d Up” with the lyric, “deep in, swimmin’ in my feelings.”