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Sound Bite: Kim Petras, Judah & the Lion and Ed Sheeran

Listen to our top five new releases from this week

Your weekend just got a little bit better with this collection of new releases. With a bold new song from pop songstress Kim Petras, you’re going to want to plan on spending plenty of time on the dance floor. Especially compared to her more vulnerable last single, “Broken,” this new song shows us that Petras is still the effervescent and experimental artist we know and love. The most anticipated collaboration of the week has finally arrived from none other than Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, and it just might be the bop of the summer.

With Judah & the Lion’s latest album Pep Talks released, the guys revealed that while they are anthemic, emotional, and relatable, they also love their moms. On “Don’t Mess With My Mama,” the guys get real and kind of adorable. Plus, the video is amazing.

Rounding out this week’s Sound Bite is new music from punk rockers Blink-182 and of course, Taylor Swift. See below for all five songs.

1. “I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran feat. Justin Bieber

With a social media teaser of this ultimate collaboration released earlier this week, fans of both Sheeran and Bieber have been waiting patiently while simultaneously freaking out. A snippet of the song’s lyrics were posted on Sheeran’s Instagram account paired with a preview of the track on Bieber’s account. The song is here and well, we can’t stop listening. There’s a summery beat to it with quick-paced lyrics that will definitely get you moving.

2. “Don’t Mess With My Mama” by Judah & the Lion

The guys of Judah & the Lion recently released their newest album Pep Talks and though the whole album truly tells a heart wrenching and personal story of frontman Judah Aker’s family struggles, “Don’t Mess With My Mama” shows us that family is still everything for these guys. With protective lyrics and an edgy sound, the video keeps the song playful and bright by featuring all of the band member’s moms.

3. “Blow It All” by Kim Petras

As the follow-up single to “Broken,” this brand new pop-driven song finds Kim Petras returning to her uptempo, genre-blending roots. “Blow It All” features hip-hop elements paired with trap beats that elevate the song to a true dance floor banger. With powerful vocals and a fierce tendency for breaking the mold, Petras showcases her multi-talented skills as an artist on this track.

4. “ME!” by Taylor Swift feat. Brendan Urie

Swift may have gotten some backlash following her first live performance of “ME!” at the Billboard Music Awards but the song is still very much true to form for Swift: the singer makes some seriously catchy bops. The most interesting part about the release of this song is the accompanying music video that is apparently littered with clues regarding Swift’s new music. From the inclusion of Swift’s Reputation-era snake symbol to a framed image of the Dixie Chicks, the video has given fans a lot to think about.

5. “Blame It On My Youth” by Blink-182

Following the band’s album California released in 2016, Blink-182 has been busy working on new music for their cult-like fans. Mark Hoppus teased “Blame It On My Youth” via social media earlier this week sending listeners into a frenzy. With a rebellious vibe and an anthemic chorus, this song proves that Blink is still here to rock.

Main photo credit: Byron Spencer