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Sound Bite: Beans on Toast, Phoebe Ryan, and OMI

Listen to our top five favorite new songs released this week

There is an energy in the world right now that cannot be ignored. The fight for equality is blistering and we are seeing the efforts made from coast to coast in America, and across the entire globe. From businesses and individuals alike donating to the Black Lives Matters movement to the peaceful protests being held in cities all over our nation, change is wanted and people are acting accordingly. Following the death of George Floyd, many artists were inspired to use their platform to show their support for the movement, encourage fans to take action, and also to try and bring a few moments of joy to people’s lives in the form of music.

Run The Jewels dropped their album RTJ4 a few days early and made it available for free. British folk singer known as Beans on Toast has released a passionate new protest song that was inspired by the government in the United Kingdom. A beautiful new ballad from Jungkook of BTS feels emotional and necessary at a time like this. With lighter new songs from singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan as well as OMI, this week’s Sound Bite is complete. Whether you are listening on your way to a peaceful protest or trying to find solace at home, stay safe.

1. “JU$T” by Run The Jewels feat. Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha

Run The Jewels teamed up with Pharrell and de la Rocha (Rage Against The Machine) for this new song featured on the group’s fourth album, RTJ4. The song speaks to the violence that exists in our country and specifically, police brutality.

2. “Chessington World of Adventures” by Beans on Toast

The newest single from British folk singer Beans on Toast was written during quarantine as a response to the misinformation being spread from the UK government. “I’ve always written about current events, and with the world now changing so fast I’ve been writing more than ever. Unfortunately, I found it impossible not to write a song about the political sh**show and the clowns in charge,” says Beans on Toast.

3. “Still With You” by Jungkook of BTS

Jungkook of K-pop sensation BTS debuted his first solo song during Festa 2020 this week. “Still With You” is a delicate song with sweet sentiments laced throughout the lyrics such as, We may not be on the same page but I want to walk this path you with. Still with you. BTS publicized their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this week.

4. “Reality” by Phoebe Ryan

Singer Phoebe Ryan’s new song “Reality” is set to appear on her upcoming debut album, How It Used To Feel, on June 26. The song is a bit of an escape from reality, which can be necessary at times to maintain some level of sanity. “‘Reality’ is about a time in my life where I was very dishonest with myself, trusting people who shouldn’t be trusted, and basically just living a lie because it was far less painful than the truth. I love the lyrics, they’re all straight from my dumb little heart, but I think the production of the song is what really hits me. It’s so upbeat and psychedelic, anthemic, bright, yet sorrowful,” Ryan says of the new song.

5. “Bring My Baby Back” by OMI

Jamaican artist OMI might be best known for his breakout hit song, “Cheerleader,” and the reggae-pop artist is back to try and deliver another summertime anthem. “Bring My Baby Back” is a breezy bop that will help lift your spirits for even just a few minutes.