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Sound Bite: Barns Courtney, Moon Taxi and Lucy Dacus

In honor of the season of love, here’s what our hearts are beating to this week

Valentine’s Day is over but there’s still a lot of love in the airwaves. We recognize that a love song can live on a spectrum and sometimes even a dark track from raspy-voiced bad boy Barns Courtney can get you in the mood. Then there’s the romantically optimistic video for Moon Taxi’s song, “Not Too Late,” offering a musical escape, especially if you’re not as in love as our resident heartthrob, Vance Joy. These are our favorite new releases, for better or worse.

1. “Not Too Late” by Moon Taxi

Moon Taxi’s debut album Let The Record Play was released in early 2018 leading with their acclaimed hit “Two High.” Now here we are watching the video for “Not Too Late” on repeat. The wistful storyline drips with romantic nostalgia and with shooting stars and lovers realizing it’s not too late, the accompanying visual gives us all the feels. 

2. “Sinners” by Barns Courtney

With a gravely tone and a bluesy-rock sound, Barns Courtney is reminiscent of Johnny Cash or a moodier version of Ray LaMontagne. The England-born rocker calls upon all the “sinners” to join him in a night of debauchery on his latest track, convincing us that being bad might not actually be so bad.

3. “Weight Lifting” by Katie Herzig

The lead single off Katie Herzig’s forthcoming album, Moment of Bliss, is a glittery combination of Herzig’s ethereal vocals and a pulsating beat. It transcends beyond the speakers and encapsulates a heartwrenching love story in an endearing way. Since co-producing Ingrid Michaelson’s Lights Out album, Herzig has evolved into a powerful artist in her own right. Moment of Bliss is due out on March 2nd.

4. “Next of Kin” by Lucy Dacus

The witty wordsmith Lucy Dacus makes us listen a little harder. “Next of Kin” is a confidently sad song, in a cathartic and relatable way. Dacus sings about completely accepting your downtrodden fate and it’s actually adorably pessimistic.

5. “Call If You Need Me” by Vance Joy

Our favorite Australian loverboy, Vance Joy, has done it again. Through “Call If You Need Me,” he celebrates a lover and agrees to even let them go, if that’s what is necessary. He poetically relives the emotions of pining after someone, losing someone and savoring the possibility of having them again.

Main image: instagram.com