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Sound Bite: 6LACK, G-Eazy, and Charlie Puth

Listen to our top five favorite new songs released this week

This week’s Sound Bite is a colorful array of music, from emotional tracks punctuated by political sentiments to sensual pop bangers. The newest single from Charlie Puth will have you on the dance floor in no time, even if dance floor translates to dancing in your kitchen with a few girlfriends after a bottle of wine. A new single and music video from Australian singer Amy Shark feels like a slight departure from her breakout hit, “Adore.” “Everybody Rise” is an anthemic love song with a much bigger sound than we’ve heard from Shark in the past.

With a new album from G-Eazy that includes a track featuring G’s rumored girlfriend, Ashley Benson, new music from singer Ella Vos, and a new song from rapper 6LACK, our Sound Bite is complete.

Check out all five songs below.

1. “All The Things You’re Searching For” by G-Eazy feat. Kossiko and Ashley Benson

Beginning with the sound of Ashley Benson’s voice saying, ‘Okay great so let’s move on from that,’ G-Eazy’s new song is a clear love letter to finding a new love, and allowing yourself to accept a new love. The song plays like a lullaby with added vocals from Kossiko and Benson. “All The Things You’re Searching For” is included on G-Eazy‘s newest project, Everything’s Strange Here.

2. “Everybody Rise” by Amy Shark

Our favorite Australian songbird’s newest song is a unifying banger about heartbreak and loneliness. “The whole idea of writing a song about unrequited love feels overcooked and everyone’s done it, I know,” Amy Shark says. “But I don’t feel like anyone’s done it like this before. I wanted it to sound like all these broken hearts getting together and being like, ‘We all wonder what it’s like to be with you.'”

3. “Girlfriend” by Charlie Puth

Adorable. This song is adorable. Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth has put himself on blast in his new single and can someone please be his girlfriend? “Girlfriend” is a playful, sensual, and hypnotic song that makes you want to throw your hands up in the air and dance. With Charlie Puth. For a few minutes of pure fun, play this track.

4. “State of Emotion” by Ella Vos

Singer-songwriter Ella Vos announced her sophomore album, Turbulence, will be released July 31. The latest single off the upcoming album is about leaning in to all the various emotions you may feel in a short period of time. “I wrote this song shortly after discovering that I’m an ‘empath,’ or a highly sensitive person. Feeling deeply can be exhausting and scary, and oftentimes I find myself running away from this gift that allows me to connect deeply with others,” Vos says of the song.

5. “Float” by 6LACK

6LACK released his newest EP, 6 PC HOT, and with it came a slew of new merchandise, hot sauce, and educational resources for fans. 6LACK updated his platform 6LACKBOX to include voter registration tools and a contact sheet for Black businesses. So, while the artist’s new song “Float” feels super timely and many people can relate to the idea of trying to stay afloat, 6LACK has also offered proactive options for people struggling.