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Sound Bite: 5 Seconds of Summer, Major Lazer, and Dua Lipa

Listen to our top five new songs released this week

In the second full week of being quarantined to our homes, we are a bit more comfortable with video conferences, virtual happy hour dates, and digital workouts. While we are becoming more acclimated to our new lifestyles, keeping spirits up can be a daily challenge. Music once again is coming in handy. This week’s Sound Bite features a new song from 5 Seconds of Summer that aptly allows listeners a choose-your-own-adventure musical journey. Whether you’re feeling bright and bubbly or heartbroken and melancholy, this song is for you.

A new banger from Major Lazer features vocals from powerhouse artist Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons, and we are obsessed. Who knew this collaboration is what we needed during a pandemic? With new songs from SOFIA, Dua Lipa, and R3HAB and Andy Grammer, our Sound Bite is complete. So, turn on some tunes and enjoy your Friday night, or whatever night you think it is.

1. “Wildflower” by 5 Seconds of Summer

The newest song from 5 Seconds of Summer is a high-energy, glitter-infused track with a surprising chorus. The chorus of “Wildflower” is deliberately missing certain words, allowing listeners to use their imagination and insert their own point of view. “We wanted to make the chorus kind of a choose-your-own-adventure, where some words are left out and then accentuated by these big stabs of synth,” says bassist Calum Hood. “It lets everyone come up with their own interpretation, and fill in whatever they think those missing lyrics might be.”

2. “Closer” by Sofia

Alt-rock trio SOFIA hails from Brazil and is currently based our of Los Angeles. The band’s newest single “Closer” offers a hypnotic beat with an emotional and relatable storyline. In a spoken-word style, “Closer” is a love letter to having the freedom of choice when it comes to your feelings and reactions. This is the latest installment in SOFIA’s six-part series of short films accompanying the tracks on their upcoming album, Stories For The Sleepless. “We chose not to have the vocals singing the lyrics in this film so that we could focus on the story Tala is telling B. We want to gradually take the audience into the world of the characters and in order to achieve that, in this part of the story, the only voice that should be heard is Tala’s,” the band says.

3. “Good Example” by R3HAB and Andy Grammer

The third original single this month from R3HAB is a heavy one. Featuring vocals from singer-songwriter Andy Grammar, “Good Example” has an inspirational song laced with love and ambition. The lyrics play like a message from a parent to a child, offering promises about setting a good example for them. With bright beat drops coupled with emotional words, this song will definitely tug on a few heart strings.

4. “Lay Your Head On Me” by Major Lazer feat. Marcus Mumford

The supergroup Major Lazer is known for their jovial, uptempo, Jamaican-influenced electronic music. From hits featuring , Camila Cabello, and most recently, J Balvin, the trio has a knack for collaborating with a range of artists and creating bangers. The newest track from Major Lazer features vocals from Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons and at first, this might sound a bit surprising, but the juxtaposition between Major Lazer’s Caribbean dance aesthetic and Mumford’s signature folk rock vocals creates a cinematic sound we cannot stop listening to. There is a powerfully positive and optimistic message behind the track that certainly resonates during these uncertain times that have been punctuated with heavy emotions.

5. “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa may have had to postpone her European tour dates due to COVID-19, but the songstress pushed forward with the release of her new album Future Nostalgia. The last single released from the album was “Break My Heart” and it is a smash. If ever we needed some musical distraction, it is now–even if we are doing it through a screen. The music video is detailed and captivating, harboring colorfully bold aesthetics reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film, coupled with retro pop music tendencies. The transitions between scenes in this video are seriously clever.