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Cadillac 2021 Escalade

Behind The Wheel With Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

Cadillac’s 2021 Escalade has gone hands-free thanks to its Super Cruise technology. This hot couple is taking to the road

Husband-and-wife actors Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have not slowed down this past year—aside from Covid-19 lockdowns. The gorgeous couple is also putting the pedal to the medal with their partnership with luxury auto maker Cadillac, specifically the brand’s new 2021 Cadillac Escalade which employs the new Super Cruise technology.

We spoke with the couple about driving, what they’ve missed most this past year and what lies ahead.

What do you love about the new Cadillac Escalade?

Joe: It’s big enough for me plus I like the look of them. They’re more like a truck than the typical SUV and the features are great. I love the storage space too.

How has your experience with hands-free driving been?

Sofia: It has been so much fun! At first, I was nervous about getting behind the wheel–and then letting go of it. But once you get used to it, you feel so in control and excited at the same time. It’s such a great experience!

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello in the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello in the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Who does most of the driving in the relationship? 

Joe: Me 100 percent of the time.

Sofia: Joe always drives. I don’t think I have ever driven him anywhere!

How have you spent the last year?

Joe: Working my tail off. I had three movies in the can heading into Covid-19. I reprised my role as Deathstroke in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (streaming now on HBO Max). I shot this other fantastic movie I can’t talk about yet and this other insanely cool motion capture thing that’s super hush hush, and I am working on a project right now that is maybe the most excited I’ve been about something work related my whole life. I have also been designing new pieces for my streetwear line, Death Saves.

Sofia: I had just started shooting my first season of America’s Got Talent when everything was shut down. At first I wasn’t sure if we would be able to go on with the rest of the season, and it was sad not to have the full experience with the audience, because they are such a big part of the auditions. But the whole production was amazing and found ways for us to keep going from home, and then in the studio safely, and it turned out to be so much fun! I’m always working on my apparel line, Sofia Jeans, and launched my eyewear collection with Foster Grant as I wanted to create a collection of eyewear that would make women want to wear their glasses, in a way that is sexy and stylish.

How have you given back to the community during Covid-19?

Joe: I raised money last year for both UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Sofia: When the pandemic first started, I also saw how badly small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world were being affected, and knew I wanted to do something to help in a big way. So, I partnered with an amazing organization called Kiva to establish the Global Covid-19 Response Fund. We set out with a goal to raise $50 million to provide small business loans to entrepreneurs who were in desperate need of help during the pandemic, but ended up raising over $150 million—it has been incredible and so inspiring. My eyewear partner, Foster Grant, collection also supported Specs for Specs, a charity initiative where the brand donated one pair of reading glasses to Restoring Vision for every pair sold.

How have you stayed sane?

Sofia: We’ve had some family pool days and backyard barbecues—I try to make an event out of everything to keep everyone entertained. We really love spending time together so that helps us destress. We’re just very fortunate to have been able to all be together and safe.

What have you been binging?

Joe: Sofia had never seen Mad Men, The Sopranos or The Wire so, I rewatched them all with her.

Sofia: And so many others!

You two are both lending your voices to the animated film, Koati, right now. How has that experience been?

Sofia: This has been a passion project of mine for many years. I am producing it alongside my wonderful partners, Anabella Dovarganes-Sosa and Melissa Escobar. We recently announced that Marc Anthony will be producing some of the most incredible Latin music and the soundtrack for the film, which will really bring the story to life. I cannot wait to share this beautiful movie about the creatures of the Amazon with the world soon!

Has it been nice to get back to work?

Sofia: I start America’s Got Talent in less than two weeks and I’m so excited to get back to work. I love working with Terry, Simon, Heidi and Howie and watching such talented people perform. It’s so different than Modern Family, which I loved, but it’s been a fun change.