Shoot Like Slim (Aarons)

by Natasha Wolff | May 11, 2015 3:25 pm

Just in time for spring’s awakening, SoHo’s downtown Leica store is hosting a mini-exhibit of the iconic society photographer Slim Aarons. The small collection of 18 pieces uncovers a rarefied, privileged class (from the 1950s-‘70s) circling around fashionable, swanky locales. After all, “Attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places” was Aaron’s mantra. Fittingly, this exhibit includes his revered 1970 Poolside Gossip, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary.

Most importantly, design and art[1] aficionados will appreciate the rarity of two never-seen-before Slim Aarons images on display from his daughter Mary’s personal collection: one which was taken on a Bermuda beach and the other at The National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece. Mary’s own personal work will also be included among her father’s iconic pieces.

The show is a three-way collaboration between Leica (Mr. Aaron’s camera brand[2] of choice), Mary Aarons and the luxury travel outfit Exclusive Resorts[3]. At the back of the narrow store, 23 “recreations” of Aaron’s work from professional photographers tie in neatly with Exclusive Resorts four-day photography workshops in spots like Las Vegas and the California coast. The notion is to point-and-shoot like Slim with the latest Leica technology in tow around the world of well-heeled, attractively sunglass-clad men and women, bright bespoke cocktails, stunning modernist architecture, retro décor and chic landscapes.

 Shoot Like Slim runs through June 30th.  The exhibit is on view and open to the public at Leica 460 W Broadway, New York, (212) 475-7799[4]

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