Meet America’s Newest Superheroine

by Natasha Wolff | September 14, 2016 3:00 pm

When Simone Missick auditioned for the role of a cop named Missy from her living room via video, she didn’t expect to land the role of a Marvel superhero on the upcoming Netflix series Luke Cage. The description of Missy read: “Smart. Badass. And a cop,” she recalls. Missy The Cop was actually Misty Knight, the crime fighter known in Marvel comic books for her bionic arm. “We all know about Storm,” says Missick, referencing the famous weather-controlling X-Men character. But Misty’s lower profile allowed Missick the very unique experience of interpreting the character on the small screen for the first time.

The action-packed show required major training, including fight choreography, gun lessons and basketball practice. Missick laughs as she describes her preparation for the basketball scene, which takes place outside on a Harlem court and involves making a very impressive shot. There was a stunt double on-hand, but “they wanted me to be familiar with dribbling,” says Missick. Little did the crew know, Missick was captain of her varsity basketball team in high school. She made the basket on the first take, eliciting a major reaction from everyone on set. “Everyone was like ‘ohhhhhhh!’” Missick describes, with a laugh. The cameraman didn’t even get her spectacular shot on tape because he was busy filming the other actors. “He didn’t think I was going to make it,” says Missick, “but that’s really me!”

Moments like this with the cast and crew are what made filming Luke Cage such a special project. “It really felt like joining a family,” says Missick. She explains that the same crew works on all of the Marvel Netflix series, like earlier favorites Daredevil[1] and Jessica Jones[2]. “There were no egos,” she adds.“Even Mike Colter [who plays Luke Cage], and his name is at the top of the call sheet!”

Missick is excited for audiences to see her dominate the basketball court, sure, but mostly she can’t wait for both girls and boys to see such a strong, dynamic female character. “[Misty] is a badass,” she says. And, in our humble opinion, Missick is too.

See Missick in Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix[3] September 30.

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