On Location with Christian Oliver

by Natasha Wolff | June 24, 2015 2:40 pm

Christian Oliver would do anything Andy and Lana Wachowski asked of him. Well, almost. “I can say I did all of my main stunts myself,” the star of the siblings’ new Netflix series Sense8[1] says. “But this dummy version of me had to save my butt in one key scene. It was handy to have him around.”

Indeed, not all of Oliver’s coworkers on the show—which follows eight strangers brought together by a violent vision—were so close to him, considering the series filmed all over the world.

“The show is shot in eight countries,” he explains. “Unfortunately, I was only in Berlin.” Still, it sounds like the German-born actor managed to enjoy himself quite a bit. 

“Berlin is amazing, it’s beautiful,” he says. “I got the pleasure of shooting with Tom Tykwer, who did Run Lola Run and some other amazing movies. The Wachowskis gathered a bunch of incredible directors, and different directors worked in different countries. Now and then, Andy and Lana would come in and co-direct as well. It was beautifully orchestrated. So, I only got to work in Berlin, but it was absolutely worth it.”

And should his character, Steiner, live on, Oliver says he’d be game to do a bit of traveling[2] for any future seasons. “Who wouldn’t want to go to Iceland[3] or Mexico[4] or Korea or any of these places,” he asks. “I hope there’s going to be a second season; with the Wichowskis you never know who lives or who doesn’t—and even the dead might come back. Anything is possible.”

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