The Buzziest Lots from Sean Penn’s Haiti Benefit Auction

by Natasha Wolff | May 4, 2017 4:54 pm

In the aftermath of a massive earthquake which hit Haiti in January 2010, actor Sean Penn made headlines by almost immediately showing up in the island nation, hoisting supplies and delivering hands-on aid to those affected. Days later, he founded J/P Haitian Relief Organization[1], ensuring support for the nation’s recovery didn’t fade with the headlines.

Seven years later, Penn remains a fixture on the island. This Friday, he will emerge from the frontlines to throw Haiti Takes Root[2], J/P HRO’s annual gala benefiting rebuilding and reforestation efforts—all the more vital following last October’s Hurricane Matthew. “We are poised to create real change,” says Penn in a letter to invitees, “In agriculture, forest cover, and overall environmental resilience for Haiti.”

Given the country’s profound need, helping out Haiti seems like a philanthropic no-brainer. Still, event organizers didn’t skimp on big-ticket auction items, which will be announced by event M.C. Gayle King. Click through the buzziest lots, ranging from monumental art to dinner with a former president.

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