A Graphic Visual From an Empowered Artist

by Natasha Wolff | February 8, 2018 3:00 pm

Sam Bruno[1] might be energy personified. With a vibrant voice, the artist offers captivating conversation not only about her musical endeavors, but her travels, my travels and more. Bruno’s debut EP IAMSAM[2] was released in June 2017 and the video for the last single, “So What” featuring Rockie Fresh is out now. Sitting in a studio in Amsterdam and with excitement bubbling through the phone, this female powerhouse tells me about what went into her newest cinematic visual. “I knew I wanted some luxury involved, the fashion to be amped up, and I knew I wanted a hotel and a Ferrari in the video,” she says with a giggle. As a songwriter and producer, Bruno considers herself to be much more than an artist and she prides herself on constantly evolving. “One of the key components to being an artist is growth. This video shows a new level for me in my artistry,” she explains. With a Quentin Tarantino-esque vibe and an edgy aesthetic, Bruno says that to her, the video conveys elements from Kill Bill and Sin City. “It feels like a piece of art to me,” she says. “I knew that “So What” deserved to be heard, and it deserved a video. The song itself is such a journey, it needed its moment.”

Bruno breathed new life into the song in early January around the same time as the anniversary of the Women’s March[3], by releasing a remix package[4] of the song featuring all female producers. “I’m a female producer, engineer and songwriter, so on the technical side of music, I’m right there under the hood,” she tells me. She adds that as a female, she has a burning desire to support women, encourage women and celebrate women, especially in the music industry. “We are here. It’s our time,” she says to me with confidence. “When I had the opportunity to have “So What” remixed, I knew I only wanted female DJs and producers.” Bruno ended up including Sophie Francis, Mari Ferrari and Miss Tara in the collection of remixes and she says of the experience, “Everyone was so excited to be involved and we really came together to support each other.” I suggest that the music industry is evolving into such a supportive community especially among women. “It’s our time,” she reiterates. “This is the time for us to support each other and remind each other how dope we all are. When you win, I win,” she says.

Winning to Bruno is about carrying herself in a respectable manner and knowing exactly when to turn on her sexual charm and when to exude another type of energy. “When I’m on the mic, that’s when my sexuality comes through me,” she says, adding that when she’s in a room full of male producers, her energy is not going to be as sensual. I can’t help but ask if she thinks the men in the room consider altering their energy based on their company. She responds by asking, “Kasey, do you think we will ever know how they think?” We laugh because we both know the answer, and at the end of the conversation we decide that it makes women stronger and more powerful as a unit. With a powerful energy surrounding her, Bruno is ready to take on the world with her music. Watch the official video for “So What” below.

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