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by Natasha Wolff | February 27, 2018 4:00 pm

Following a three-year tour supporting global superstars Maroon 5, 21-year-old Rozzi[1] was propelled onto a personal journey to find herself as an artist and as a person. Rozzi was originally discovered by Adam Levine and embarked on stadium tours across the country with the band, offering her what she thought was the fairytale she always dreamed of. “There was always this voice in my head telling me there was something more to me as an artist,” Rozzi admits. After the fairytale ended, Rozzi’s real life began. “It forced me to live my life in a way I had never really lived it before” she explains. “I went out and let myself fall in love, get my heart broken, make some mistakes and get uncomfortable.”

Rozzi (Photo credit: Robin Harper)

Rozzi (Photo credit: Robin Harper)

On Rozzi’s latest single, “Never Over You[2],” she allows listeners to experience a personal heartbreak in the most vulnerable way. “My manager always tells me that if you’re a little embarrassed to share something, you’re on the right track,” she says of the song’s personal nature. Though the song was born from an isolated moment of Rozzi sitting in a coffee shop, lamenting over a looming break-up, in retrospect, she admits the song is a stellar example of her songwriting skills and ability to express her relatable frustrations with a relationship. “I was digging through the things in the relationship that I was over; all the issues that I was exhausted by. Despite all of these things I was over, I just wasn’t over him,” she explains.

Since releasing the song, and performing it for fans, Rozzi has been overwhelmed with stories from other people who have been in that same frustrating situation. “For me, I wrote the song from a really specific point of view so it’s fascinating that other people can relate to it.” With the relationship ultimately coming to an end, Rozzi now sings the song with a cathartic strength behind her soulful vocals. “It feels like a break-up song now and a release from that relationship.”

With her debut album due out later this year[3], Rozzi says her emotionally penetrating lyrics will remain laced throughout her songwriting but the album will truly be a product of her finding herself. “It’s about growing up and discovering who you are. I went from a singer to an artist and a girl to a woman,” she adds. From her Amy Winehouse vibe coupled with gut-wrenching storytelling that parallels Stevie Nicks, Rozzi is an artist for the sweet and soulful.

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