A Rich Kids Guide to Being Stealth about Your Wealth

by Natasha Wolff | May 22, 2015 11:00 am

“Modest” is probably not the first word you’d choose to describe the cast of a show called #RichKids of Beverly Hills[1]—but reality stars EJ Johnson, Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang insist that being ostentatious simply isn’t their thing. So what’s the difference between having cash and having class? Allow the #RichKids to explain…

When the bill comes at a nightclub:

“A tacky person would say that they’re the one paying and then have a secret friend pay for everything, as if they forgot their wallet at home,” explains Wang. Another majorly vulgar offense? Putting the bill on your Amex, and later disputing the charge. “I know some people who have done that before, but they’re not allowed at nightclubs anymore because they’ve disputed way too many charges,” says Johnson, adding, “A tacky person would take a picture of [the bill] and then Instagram it. Which is literally gag-worthy.”

#RichKids of Beverly Hills

#RichKids of Beverly Hills

When using hashtags:

Says Wang, “It’s tacky to hashtag your own name so that people can search you—especially when you only have like 2,000 followers.”

When starring on reality television:

“There’s this guy on the show—this queen—who likes to pretend that he is a lot more interesting than he is,” says Johnson. “And he gets in people’s businesses, stirs the pot. It’s a lot of unnecessary B.S.” According to Wang, now that the show is gearing up for its season three premiere, certain cast members are more aware about what it takes to get airtime. “[They think about] what should be done or what might need to be done in order to be relevant and make themselves known. That’s become a little bit nauseating,” she says.

When showing off a new purchase on Instagram:

If you’re going to do it, says Wang, the caption is of the utmost importance. “You can’t put a weird quote or try to be too cool. If you got a new bag, you need show how excited you are about it. That makes you seem more grounded,” she says. Stewart begs to differ. “I feel like we kind of show off ourselves more than we show off material possessions,” she explains. “I’m not like, ‘This is what I bought today!’ because nobody gives a shit.”

#RichKids of Beverly Hills premieres May 24 at 10pm on E!

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