My First Piece of Art: Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis

by Natasha Wolff | December 22, 2015 10:50 am

My art collection is very much about my own personal taste. It’s very colorful, with a lot of Pop Art. It’s not conceptual at all, but more about fun and humor.

I first met Keith Haring at Andy Warhol’s Factory. Andy had invited us for lunch, so we started talking and Keith told me that he was an artist. Later, I went to visit his studio, and that’s how we became friends. I didn’t know about art so much at the time, but liked him as a person and thought he was cool, and that’s why I bought some pieces.

The Queen, Keith Haring (1985)

This is one of the oldest pieces I have. I thought it was nice for me to have The Queen, because I am a princess—and it almost looked as though it was a portrait of me. All the other Haring paintings are of funny figures; there’s not a portrait in the lot. So I liked this from the beginning and I still like it today. That shows that it’s an important painting, because I’ve never been bored by it. Now it hangs in one of the guest rooms in my castle; it’s a black and white room, so the painting fits in well.

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