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A Fantasy Commute

Famed sculptor Nick Cave unleashes his herd on Grand Central Terminal

Photography by Travis Magee, Courtesy Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit

If you happen to pass through Grand Central Terminal this week, chances are you may come across some remarkably odd creatures, but don’t be alarmed – it’s merely a magical exhibition by sculptor and visual artist Nick Cave.

For his very first public exhibit in New York, the Chicago-based artist (not to be confused with the Australian musician of the same name and the bad seeds) unveiled 30 of his visually stunning horse “Soundsuits” to gallop, graze and entertain revelers inside Vanderbilt Hall. (Cave called his creations “Soundsuits” for the “swishing” noise each outfit makes once worn.)

Inspired by early puppetry, the beautifully handcrafted costumes were further brought to life by student dancers from the Alvin Ailey School, whose articulation and movement created an entirely captivating scene.

Photography by Travis Magee, Courtesy Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit

“As adults, we rarely give ourselves permission to dream when really we should be pushing ourselves to dream as big as our imaginations will allow,” Cave told DuJour, “I hope each individual leaves the terminal with a personal return to their own childhood innocence and the belief that anything is possible.” Mission accomplished – at least for this writer.

Nick Cave’s Heard NY exhibit is on display through March 31, 2013 in Grand Central Terminal. Daily crossings happen twice a day at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. It is co-presented by Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit.