Mahogany Lox is The Real Deal

by Natasha Wolff | March 7, 2019 2:30 pm

With a family legacy of founding the iconic music company Motown, Mahogany Lox grew up with some pretty big shoes to fill. Lox is the daughter of Berry Gordy VI and Valerie Robson, and the granddaughter of Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records. Her older brother Sky Blu has made a name for himself as one-part of the musical duo LMFAO (alongside their uncle, Redfoo).

Despite her robust family history in the music industry, Lox has differentiated herself by becoming a multi-hyphenate talent in her own right. Getting her start on social media[1], Lox showcased her vibrant personality through Vine and YouTube videos[2] and grew a fierce fanbase of over five million. Lox joined Fifth Harmony’s Reflection Tour in 2014 and truly began turning heads as an energetic performer on stage.

“Growing up with a lot of Motown vibes was such a good foundation to have for music,” she says of her roots. Lox adds that seeing how Motown classics have had such an influence on music today has helped the artist develop her own sound over the years. “Everybody in my family influences me. My brother helps me produce a lot of my songs and he’s in LMFAO so that’s a lot of electro, hip-hop and rap, and my Grandpa, of course, is an amazing inspiration. I always try and mix it up to make a hybrid of [sounds].”

With songs like “Boom[3]” and “No Deal,” Lox has created a soulful sound with pop sensibilities throughout her music, though most recently, she says she’s heavily influenced by the 90s and West Coast music. “I really love YG and Mariah Carey,” she tells me.

Her latest song, “No Deal,” was inspired by Lox’s desire to empower people in less than ideal relationships. “It is a song for whoever is being mistreated in a relationship and is finally going to put their foot down and say, no deal,” she says.

Lox can currently be seen as Briefcase Model #13[4] on the on the new Deal or No Deal television show where she says she loves being able to help people, despite the rollercoaster of emotions she experiences while filming. “You never know what’s in the case,” she says with a giggle.

New music is on the horizon for Mahogany Lox and you can be sure there will be a hybrid of sounds, powerful lyrics and perhaps some Motown vibes snuck in there.

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