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Can You Really Live in Luxury at a Festival?

Firefly Music Festival will offer attendees the most glamorous and Instagram-worthy options this year

The spirit of a festival can be truly transformative for people attending. From an eclectic and free-spirited vibe to a stylish and Instagram-worthy atmosphere; every music festival has their own individual identity. But, at the end of the day, if you’re a veteran festival goer like myself, you’ve experienced weekends of lack-luster sleeping quarters (read: collapsed tent), frizzy hair that just won’t cooperate in the summer heat and the worst: a dead iPhone. Music festivals are a way to connect with a diverse audience, find common ground with fellow attendees and to indulge in some of the most magical moments of your life. The thing is, you can experience these weekends without giving up on comfort. There are certain amenities that will help you get the most out of a music festival and delivering those amenities has been a top priority for the creators of Dover, Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival.

For seven years Firefly has offered stellar lineups, multiple camping and glamping options, art exhibits, interactive experiences and of course, good food and drinks. This year’s lineup includes Panic! At The Disco, Courtney Barnett, Travis Scott, Post Malone, lovelytheband and many more. Ahead of the fest’s eighth year (June 21 to 23), it was announced that Firefly would be shortened from four days to three, making it a much more manageable weekend for most attendees. Firefly director Stephanie Mezzano, who has been with the festival since the start, says that this year the team wanted to ensure that “time wouldn’t be a barrier for people to come and enjoy the full festival weekend.”

With time on their side, Mezzano says that she and her staff of mostly women focused their efforts on improving the campground’s infrastructure and truly upgrading the overall experience for attendees. “We have a very robust and elevated lodging program at Firefly,” she says, adding that this is a result of the festival attracting such a wide audience. “Everybody is at different points in their life and many still love music but don’t want to camp anymore. Our goal is for anybody to come and experience Firefly and feel comfortable.”

Peak Glamping at Firefly Music Festival

In order to achieve these goals, Firefly has invested $1 million into upgrading the overall campground’s infrastructure, including building a permanent shower house with over 200 stalls and a separate changing area for males and females. There will be space for you to sit down in front of a mirror, blow dry your hair, plug in a curling iron and start your day in the most comfortable way possible. Though this addition allows the majority of festival attendees to have a taste of home while at the Woodlands, some people are looking for privacy and even more luxuries.

Enter: Super Glamping, a standout option on Firefly’s lodging roster. Situated about 50 steps from the festival’s front gate, you will stay in a private, air-conditioned bell tent with two beds, a power source, a bedside table with lamp (for ambiance, of course) and much more. The sweetest perk? A 24/7 concierge service. “You’re basically getting all the luxuries of a hotel, but you still get a true festival experience being on the grounds. It’s still immersive,” Mezzano says of Super Glamping.

Super Glamping at Firefly Music Festival

Super Glamping might be the poster child for a summer festival Instagram post, but Super Duper VIP is the Instagram story. “It’s so over the top and awesome. It’s basically an all-inclusive package for two,” Mezzano explains. You’ll receive two Super VIP Weekend Passes, accommodations at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, dedicated golf cart concierge to the festival grounds, a charging locker at the fest, exclusive Firefly swag and more.

In my opinion, Super Glamping is the most luxe way to experience Firefly without losing out on the overall aesthetic of the fest. You’ll be able to savor all of the excitement and energy, but with all the comforts you crave. Super Duper VIP is a more mature way to enjoy Firefly, with a bit more space between you and the campground.

Both camping and glamping options are selling out so we suggest you choose which option is best for you (and your crew!) sooner than later.

Firefly Music Festival will be from June 21 to 23 in Dover, Delaware. Buy tickets here.