Live Tonight: The Rolling Stones In Your Living Room!

by Natasha Wolff | October 4, 2012 12:00 am

On the night of Tuesday, November 13, things were a bit louder than usual at one New York City movie theater when rock legends The Rolling Stones[1] graced the stage at the famous Ziegfeld for the premiere of Crossfire Hurricane, a new documentary about the band, airing tonight (November 15) on HBO[2]. 

Mick Jagger himself introduced the film, stating, “There’s been a lot of change since we first came here. It takes you back to a younger, gentler America.” 

And gentler it was. Or at least more heavily sedated. As the opening credits rolled on a black screen, a voiceover started the movie. “How much of the 70’s do you really remember?” it asked. 

Whatever might have been forgotten was soon re-introduced, thanks to director Brett Morgen’s smart, informative film. Even with a band as well known as the Stones, there’s still so much to learn. Sure, there are lots of drugs—and a glimmer of sex—but the film is much more about music and the love of the band. (Not missing from it are the sad times, like images from the funeral of late guitarist Brian Jones.)

And oh, that band. In one light, the film can be seen as a fairy tale of a group of men who’ve stuck by each other all for the love of creating songs. They were an adverse reaction to the prim and proper Beatlemania—most of their shows turned into all out raves, free for alls with fans jumping on stage to devour the band.The Stones might have been there to play, but they were always there to party. 

Here’s a trailer; Crossfire Hurricane airs at 9 PM Eastern. 

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