Lili Reinhart Earns Points For Eating Quesadillas

by Natasha Wolff | November 5, 2019 3:03 pm

Lili Reinhart has catapulted into stardom since starring in the hit television show Riverdale and films like Galveston and Hustlers. The Ohio native grew up with convenience at the helm of her travel plans, with family vacations to Cape Cod every summer. “My mom’s side of the family all lived in Massachusetts so it was the easiest place for us to convene. It was really wonderful,” Reinhart says of her earliest memories traveling. The actress, donning an American Express-inspired green suit[1] by Ralph Lauren, admits that the first time she left the country was to shoot the pilot for Riverdale in Canada. “I’ve been to Mexico[2] three times and Paris three times but I haven’t been able to explore too much. I still have a lot of untapped territory to explore which is exciting,” she says.

With just two months of vacation time during the year that has recently been spent working on other projects, Reinhart says her favorite travel companion is her fellow Riverdale co-star, Cole Sprouse[3]. “Cole, my boyfriend, has made me get the travel bug. He’s such an adventurer and he spent his whole life traveling so he’s inspired me to live that travel life,” she says. She adds that one of the couple’s first trips together was to San Francisco when they found themselves with a rare long weekend off from Riverdale.

Reinhart has a long bucket list of destinations to visit but on the top sits Italy. “Tuscany[4] is romantic and gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to go there.” Tuscany makes sense for Reinhart since her favorite travel experiences include a good hotel and good food, which is also why she uses the new Green from Amex[5]. The reimagined card offers three times your membership rewards for dining and travel, including transit like subways and trains, which Reinhart says, “I do all of those things a lot.” She adds that talking about the new card is easy since it really does pertain to her life. “Whenever I eat in Paris[6], I charge it to my Green card,” she says.

Although Reinhart loves food and eating at good restaurants when she travels, she admits that she is a picky eater. “I’m a carnivore. I eat meat and I don’t eat vegetables.” She adds that Mexico is one of her favorite destinations because she could eat quesadillas every day. “I had a quesadilla today. Chicken quesadilla with sour cream? Sign me up,” she decides proudly.

While Reinhart’s travel wish list includes Italy, the Maldives[7], and eventually Asia, her next trip will most likely be a return to Mexico, and will most likely include a quesadilla. Before she can jet off to Mexico though, Reinhart is preparing for her next film to come out that she stars in and is an executive producer on. Reinhart’s character in Chemical Hearts is a young woman with a physical disability, which added much more of a challenge for the young actress.

“I think we did a really good job at being realistic and respectful of the disabled community,” Reinhart says of Chemical Hearts. The film worked with the non-profit RespectAbility[8] to ensure the representation of characters with disabilities in the movie was accurate and fair. Reinhart had access to a representative from the organization to help her throughout filming. “My character in the movie has a limp and walks with a cane. I sent [the representative] videos of me walking to make sure it was realistic and correct. If someone with a disability can look at me in this movie and relate, that’s all I want.”

Whether she is traveling to Cape Cod, eating delicious food in Mexico, or exploring a new city over a long weekend in between filming, Reinhart’s travel bug is being fed with the help of her Green card from Amex. Learn more about American Express Green card here[9].

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