Behind The Business of Matchmaking

by Natasha Wolff | July 18, 2019 2:00 pm

Venturing into the world of dating apps[1] can be tricky and frankly overwhelming. Many people struggle with making real connections solely through cyber interactions.

Professional matchmaker Emily Holmes Hahn has the answer, and swiping right is not it. She says, “In the midst of the dating app frenzy, I realized I’d found my niche.” Hahn founded a customized matchmaking agency in 2014 called LastFirst[2]. The business provides a service that uses ultramodern software to pair their clients based on very exclusive information.

LastFirst’s overall goal is to send each client on their last first date. The first step in this process is to pass a personal interview with the matchmaker and her team of cupids. “Feminine intuition is one thing an app’s algorithm can’t beat,” says Hahn.

The personalized approach is what sets LastFirst apart from other services.The initial interview seeks to get to know the client and their backgrounds. “We ask people right off the bat about some very personal things,” explains Hahn. “This way we can start to sense what they’d be like to match, before agreeing to work with them.”

While most of the members are in New York, LastFirst accepts clientele from Los Angeles, London, Miami, and Paris. The client list is limited to 30 singles and their information is uploaded to the LastFirst database so Hahn’s team can search for “the one.” Hahn says they never take on a new client until they find the perfect match for their current one or until a space opens up on the LastFirst list. “At times, we’ve actually had a waiting list,” Hahn reveals.

Clients are then sorted and filtered by age, eye color, height, and other characteristics. Although there’s a lengthy list of data, Hahn says the odds are stacked highly in the clients’ favor and that it can take up to six weeks to find the perfect match.

Hahn says there are many perks to her job such as a lot of wedding invitations and flowers. But her most treasured incentive? “We’re getting this unique window into peoples’ love lives every day. The ups and downs, patterns, and habits of our clients…it’s a fascinating study of humanity.”

Tired of the swiping? Click here[3] for more information on LastFirst and how you can get started finding your match.

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