The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today: Kate Moss

by Natasha Wolff | September 28, 2015 1:00 pm

In 1992, a teenage Kate Moss[1] posed for her first editorial shoot for Italian Harper’s Bazaar, and now the iconic prints are up for grabs.

The black-and-white snaps by legendary photographer Stephanie Pfriender Stylander show a then little-known Moss against various New York City[2] backdrops—think: a graffiti-splashed SoHo, an old C train and the iconic World Trade Center—alongside male model Marcus Schenkenberg. The photographs, treated with color and dot screens as homage to Andy Warhol, highlight the beginning of the star’s uber-successful modeling career in the United States.

The Kate Moss Collection is available exclusively at[3] in limited runs of 50 or 35. Click through the attached gallery for a sneak peek, and be sure to purchase the archival prints while they last.

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