Joel Edgerton’s Defining Moment

by Natasha Wolff | November 30, 2015 9:50 am

Black Mass
“I’m a fan of movies in which it’s hard to tell who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist, and therefore who you empathize with or not. As an actor, I look for those different shades,” Edgerton, who plays John Connolly, a crooked federal agent working against—and sometimes with—mobster Whitey Bulger in Black Mass, says. “This movie doesn’t have the typical kind of hero; the drive of the movie is a tapestry of men doing bad, self-serving things. I think John had heroic intentions, but because they were so infused with ambition, they were thwarted from the get-go.”  

Edgerton wears a jacket by Todd Snyder, a sweater and a shirt by Paul Smith, pants by ASOS, a watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre and boots by Johnston & Murphy.

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