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The Humor Behind Boy In Space

During a quick Taco Bell break before his NYC debut, this young singer gets candid about his music

Boy In Space aka Robin Lundbäck walks into a coffeeshop in New York City with a bag of Taco Bell in tow and an animated buzz about him. Perhaps it was the tacos with his name on them or that he was just a few hours away from his very first live show in New York City, but this singer’s energy was palpable. The youthful spirit Lundbäck exudes is matched only by his charming and unfiltered candor. The Swedish singer recently supported Alec Benjamin on a slew of tour dates and his takeaway was nothing short of sincere. “I like that Alec is doing his own thing. It is very true to himself. He’s not trying to be something else, which is cool,” Lundbäck says of the experience. “It’s so easy to become a copycat of everybody else. But, it’s sort of easier and harder to be yourself,” he adds.

The 25-year-old artist released a number of singles in 2019 including “On a Prayer,” “7UP,” and “Cold.” With a realistic outlook on the world and the music industry, he has managed to showcase a self-confidence through his pop-centric music that is truly coveted by young artists and listeners alike. “There’s a human factor to it all,” he says of the self-doubt that exists for any artist. “Everyone has insecurities and thinks, maybe I should speak this way or look that way. When I was younger, I would eat that shit up. I would see people and think they were so perfect and interesting,” he admits.

Today, as Lundbäck effortlessly devours a soft taco, he is grounded by his own authenticity that is amplified by his sense of humor. After we joke about Taco Bell being the most effective natural cleanse and possibly one of the most romantic destinations for a first date, Lundbäck reveals that while his lyrics tend to lean toward a romantic vibe, he doesn’t necessarily feel a pressure to stay in that lane. “The only thing I can do is what I do. There’s no point stressing because if people like it, then they like it. If they don’t, they don’t,” he says of his music. “If they don’t like it, they can hit the road,” he adds with an animated sarcasm.

Lundbäck’s latest single, and his first of 2020, “Caroline,” definitely reads like a love note, but is flirtatiously veiled by trappy sounds and a cinematic chorus. “Caroline is that girl that you’re crushing on but is completely out of your league and untouchable,” Lundbäck says of the song, adding, “we all knew a Caroline growing up.”

With a playfully pop vibe laced with catchy lyrics, Boy In Space has captured the hearts of listeners across the globe through his music. Fans can expect even more music, more realness, and perhaps some surprises in 2020. “I feel like we’ve played it safe this first year and now I want to be even more crazy and cool.”