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Meet Pop Punk Rockers Weathers

Get to know this alternative band and listen to their latest single, “Lonely Vampire”

Formed in Los Angeles, the indie rockers Weathers are a boundary-pushing band who are constantly evolving. The four guys have known each other long before Weathers formed in 2015 but since then, have grown together in ways they never expected. “It feels like we are our own John Hughes movie. It kind of feels like we are constantly figuring it out with every new thing that we take on. Making the Kids In The Night album was a huge step for us. It clicked for us,” lead vocalist Cameron Boyer says of the band’s debut album. With a catchy and anthemic sound, Boyer adds that Kids In The Night is a great driving soundtrack for listeners. “It’s really fun and a really emotional album that has lots of ups and downs and can make you very happy and sad. We didn’t want the album to sound perfect. We made it sound imperfect because that’s who we are. I feel like our story as a band is a coming of age story and we have sort of gone through a lot together,” Boyer adds.

While the band has toured with the likes of Saint Motel and DREAMERS, the guys emphasize the fact that they are always striving to think outside the box and make music that doesn’t sound familiar to listeners. One way they achieve this is by sidestepping around making typical love songs that other bands release. “Relationships and love songs are probably one of the most oversaturated things in music,” bassist Brennen Bates says. While all four band members are in relationships, the guys tend to lean more towards writing songs about self-growth and self-care. “Our band’s story is going to focus on coming of age,” Boyer decides.

Weathers recently released their latest single “Lonely Vampire.” The song feels darker than how we’ve heard the band in the past but with the same glittery twinges throughout. Following songs like “Happy Pills” and “I Don’t Wanna Know,” this new song offers insight into social situations that can be awkward or even anxiety inducing. Weathers proves on “Lonely Vampire” that they can make catchy music that isn’t following any trends but their own.

Listen to “Lonely Vampire” below.