Hustle With Diplo and Billie Eilish

by Natasha Wolff | January 16, 2020 3:00 pm

After the bustle of the holidays settles down and you strip your home of any glittery decor, the dark days of winter can sort of drag. While the weather and lack of Vitamin D add to the post-holiday blues, life goes on. Whether you have a stacked schedule filled with meetings and play dates or you’re on a hectic tour traveling from city to city, we all need a little extra boost to keep us energized. Music phenom Diplo and superstar Billie Eilish[1] partnered with MatchaBar[2] once again[3] to help launch an expansion of the first-ever plant-based matcha energy drink: Hustle. The Hustle rebranding focuses on  embracing your hustle each and every day. “My Hustle is just continuing to make music as long as I can. I don’t ever want people to be bored. Working on country music[4], my collaborative projects Major Lazer, LSD, and Silk City[5], and all the production work in 2019, I’m just gearing up for the new decade. That’s my Hustle, and that’s what makes me happy — the two are one in the same,” Diplo explains.

Hustle is a line of no sugar-added matcha energy drinks made with real fruit juice. The 12 oz. cans are available in Lemon & Lime, Peach, and Mint flavors right now and all flavors have 120mg of caffeine entirely powered by plants. You’ll feel reinvigorated without the shakes. “Matcha is the future. A cleaner source of energy for my body and it’s plant-based. It’s exciting to see it take over in cities all over the world,” Diplo says of matcha and the stellar results it produces.

While maintaining a certain level of energy is critical for artists such as Diplo and Eilish, MatchaBar understands the need to encourage climate-positive lifestyles as well. MatchaBar teamed up with CHOOOSE[6] to offset the carbon footprint of each Hustle can sold. For each Hustle can sold, consumers are offsetting the carbon equivalent of 35 plastic water bottles. This initiative was key for Eilish in particular when partnering with MatchaBar. “”I am always supporting a plant-based lifestyle and MatchaBar’s commitment to offset the carbon footprint of every can is important to me,” Eilish says. “My upcoming tour focuses on this, too. Every little decision helps our planet!”

With new flavors and a new design, the rebranding of Hustle showcases how you can embrace a positive lifestyle while keeping up with your busy life. Energy drinks are notoriously packed with sugar so to be able to have a healthy option is key for performers like Diplo, who strives to prioritize his health, even while on the road.

“For so long, energy drinks have played a major part in music[7] and nightlife—and I think that is a big reason why they continue to be sold at music festivals and clubs I play all around the world. It’s going to take not only a great product but a brand that’s willing to get involved in music to make that change. I’m stoked to see MatchaBar begin to throw their own events and start supporting the nightlife and music community to further the natural energy movement,” Diplo says of MatchaBar and Hustle[8].

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