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The Daisy Chain

Our 6 favorite products and services tied into Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald Tea

At the Plaza’s Palm Court—a high-society hangout name-checked by Fitzgerald in Gatsby—high tea once ran $2.50 per person. These days the Fitzerald Tea, featuring a variety of 1920s-inspired dishes like curried lobster salad sandwiches and banana financiers, runs $50 a head. And while Prohibition loomed over Jazz Age visits to the Palm Court, today you can toast your arrival there with a Fitzgerald-approved cocktail

The Brooks Brothers Collection

Brooks Brothers has long had a suit called the Fitzgerald, but now the venerable American brand has designed a line of clothes based on (and, in some cases, seen in) Luhrmann’s Gatsby. We’re especially fond of a shawl cardigan>, worn by Toby Maguire’s Nick Carraway on screen, and the brown-and-white wingtips Brooks Brothers’ in-house shoe company, Peal & Co., designed in honor of the film.

Moët & Chandon

Bottles of 1921 Moët & Chandon Imperial can be seen popping throughout Luhrmann’s movie. While Champagne itself was, of course, illegal during Prohibition, the presence of Moët on screen is, according to the film’s production designer, “a direct statement about Jay Gatsby’s character that he… would impress by only filling his house with the finest available alcohol on the planet.” Nowadays you can find the bubbly anywhere, including the Plaza’s Champagne Bar where it appears in a tipple named the Moët Imperial Gatsby.

The Savoy

If the decadence of Fitzgerald’s world could be expressed in one stunning item, it would most certainly be The Savoy headpiece—with, naturally, a detachable brooch. The Daisy Buchanan-appropriate bauble was inspired by a Native American-inspired piece in the Tiffany Archive and retails at the tony jeweler for $200,000.

The Book

While the famous, original, Francis Cugat-designed cover of Fitzgerald’s novel has become almost as iconic as the work itself, there’s something to be said for Scribner’s new, movie-themed version. Those famous sad eyes have been swapped for the visages of Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and the rest of the movie’s cast, exponentially upping the likelihood of a new generation picking up the classic—without being assigned by an English teacher, that is.

Grape Gatsby Treatments at the Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa

Beginning May 20, the Caudalie Vinothérapie spa at the Plaza will celebrate Gatsby with three “Grape Gatsby” treatments featuring its own product line, which boasts grape-seed polyphenols, harvested at vineyards in Bordeaux. The Après Fête hydrates with a 20-minute soak followed by a massage performed under a Vichy Shower; the Joie de Vivre restores skin’s radiance via a crushed cabernet scrub, followed by a fresh grape massage and facial; La Belle Époque is comprised of a 30-minute crushed cabernet scrub, 50-minute body massage, Vinexpert sculpting facial and Vinothérapie manicure and pedicure—all enjoyed with, of course, wine and cheese.