Exclusive Video Premiere: “Benadryl” by SOFI TUKKER

by Natasha Wolff | July 23, 2018 12:30 pm

The high-energy dance pop duo SOFI TUKKER[1] have been inciting dance parties across the globe since their 2016 Grammy nominated song “Drinkee” followed by hits like “Best Friend” and “Baby I’m a Queen.” With the recent release of their debut album Treehouse, the New York City natives have created a playful and free-spirited musical realm that is rich in artistry. The bright and bold musical style of SOFI TUKKER is perfectly portrayed in the video for “Benadryl,” off Treehouse, resulting in a dreamy aesthetic to the visual component. “There’s something really underwater-y about the song: kind of like being on Benadryl, it’s soupy and languid and we wanted to capture that feeling in the video,” the duo says of the video.

On the song itself, SOFI TUKKER describes “Benadryl” as a break-up song that focuses on how to manage the emotional stress that comes in the aftermath of a relationship ending. “It’s about loving yourself enough to let something go that isn’t working. The video, directed by the crazy and wonderful Phillip Lopez, is an interpretation of two worlds: the one we are trapped in and the colorful one we are trying to free ourselves into. Ultimately, the gateway to freedom is the support of other women,” the duo says of the video. You can see SOFI TUKKER on stage during their North American tour[2] starting on September 21 with a performance at Cayuga Sound Festival.

Watch the official video for “Benadryl” below.

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