Meet The Real Corinne Olympios

by Natasha Wolff | November 7, 2018 2:00 pm

Since making a name (read: memes, gifs and epic catchphrases) for herself on season 21 of The Bachelor, the 25-year-old Miami native Corinne Olympios has gone on to appear on The Bachelor in Paradise and host her own podcast called So Random[1]. Olympios captured the attention of pretty much everyone during her time on The Bachelor because of her infamous “bad girl[2]” vibe combined with a truly entertaining lack of filter. With an unforgettable personality and a cocktail in-hand, Olympios made her way to The Bachelor in Paradise for just one episode in late 2017 before the princess of reality television became the star of a major scandal[3], forcing the show to shut down temporarily and Olympios to remove herself from the show completely. Following the unfortunate scandal, Olympios took a short break from the screen but now she says, “I’m back and better than ever. Like a bat out of hell.”

Despite the drama and at-times backlash from the media, Olympios is beyond thankful for reality television. “I’m so thankful to have had the opportunities I’ve had. To be in the business, meet fun people and have my fans support me. It’s amazing,” she says. Though she is unable to share all the details, Olympios says her fans can expect her to be back on screen in an upcoming reality television show very soon.

Beyond reality television, Olympios prides herself on being a true entrepreneur with a vision for her brand, that has been birthed almost entirely from her charismatic personality. “I mean like, you know me. At this point, my fans realize I’m a businesswoman. I’m always looking for the next thing, the next step, how to grow, how to build my empire. I’m setting up for life. So, we’ll see. Big things coming,” she says, hinting at future projects. One of her upcoming projects includes the release of a unisex clothing line. The line, aptly dubbed “Riot Society[4],” already features comfortable, athleisure items currently available in PacSun, Urban Outfitters and Zumiez. Past lines in the collection have been inspired by Olympios’ beloved sayings resulting in the Platinum V and TEAMCORN lines. The new unisex line is on its way and Olympios says she’s excited for everyone to be able to wear her clothes and feel comfortable and happy.

With a new season of The Bachelorette underway, Olympios is quietly honest about her feelings on the cast and how the show itself has been evolving since her season. “There was a turning point, I think, when [the show] really became about social media[5],” she says. Olympios appears to filter herself for the first time during our chat to hold back from badmouthing the show that helped catapult her into success, but it’s clear from watching the new season that the show casts people with bold personalities and pigeonholes them into specific character roles. It’s also clear after meeting Olympios that when she was on the show, she was simply being herself. From candidly chatting about her favorite detoxes and slimming pills to expressing her love of pooping; this isn’t a character, it’s just Corinne. “Just always be yourself and you’ll be fine,” she says of how she stays honest.

From coining hilarious catchphrases to starting a clothing line, Olympios is proving that she’s more than a “platinum vagine” by using her boisterous personality to create a blossoming brand. Through the rollercoaster that is reality television, she’s managed to maintain a level of professionalism and to use her platform to better herself. “I’ve been through the worst. But, I’m a strong girl and I can get through anything,” she decides.

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